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    Monk T18 mythic helm appearance changed to heroic version

    I thought this was a bug after the patch went live when I saw my mythic Somber Gaze set had an unfitting helm, the heroic version Rune-Enscribed Hood.

    Apparantly this is intended and give no reason to do why did it.

    So if anyone comes here wondered the same thing, this is your life now

    T17 Heroic set
    T17 Mythic set

    edit: It's tier 17 not 18
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheetka View Post
    Apparantly this is intended and give no reason to do why did it.
    Intended according to what? Seems like an obvious bug to me.

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    I really hate that and I don't know why 7.2.5 should interfere with the looks of a WoD item...
    Hope it gets changed back I really miss my helm -.-

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    It annoyed me more than it should have. Way to ruin my favorite monk set Hope it'll be fixed.

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    It's obviously a bug, the helmet doesn't even match the set.
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