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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanislav View Post
    anything to stop scrubs like you from getting carried.
    what a prime example of toxic level that hc and mythi raiding brings to game - those 2 should be removed imidiately to cut off toxic douchebags from game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffan View Post
    The ILVL conundrum wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so easy to get gear. 880 is like 'greens' these days, 890-895 is blues and so forth roflmao.
    there is no itlv conundrum - there are just idiots who think they deserve smooth runs just because they got some gear

    if they want smooth runs they shoudl run with guild but guess what nobody likes dicks and douchebags even good players - and thats why 90 % of them has to pug because even in their guilds nobody wants to deal with them.

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    I have an ilvl 909 Monk alt that has never stepped foot into a dungeon or raid besides Normal legion dungeons (so not even Heroic).

    You can thank welfare Nethershard gear and titanforge for that. I have a Dauntless piece (400 shards) that rolled up to 915, two Legendaries, and a lot of high TF gear from the Relinquished tokens. And the gear has the right stats.

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    Yeah, welfare gear is a double edged sword... I could gear up my alt with relative ease, but since everyone can get the same gear, I'm getting stonewalled when I want to do m+, because people require 900+ ilvl for even a mythic+5 nowadays, it's a joke. Hell even my main (908 ilvl, raided mythic NH with it) gets declined sometimes for +7-8 dungeons if I try to pug them.
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    The game is focused on casual pandering, so having "high" ilvl geared people with little idea of what they're doing is common. Gear is basically donated to anyone who bothers to log in, queue to LFR/Arena/Dungeons and just wait for the titanforge to happen.

    Boom: That 860 LFR item just turned in to 925.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnifiedDivide View Post
    These people have been in the game a very long time, it being 2017 has nothing to do with it.
    Just remember how Blizz actually had to enforce the 5-man cap so people wouldn't just raid Scholo and Stratholme. Finding a quest group outside a guild was near impossible back then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    i think i worded mine wrong
    it was a joke at how he worded it like we were his lovers he was sending a letter too
    i also adressed that there are many people who are high ILVL who do not know dungeons because of a few reasons
    1. catch up mechanics make it easier to gear up for raid without having to do dungeons, other then the ones to get your third relic slot, you could be a mythic raider and have only done like 3 dungeons
    2. that pvp exists, and some people gear through it, to then do dungeons for the first time
    3. it has been 3? i think months since nighthold launch, i do know some people will bad memories, who raid pretty high content, they could possibly get high ilvl, quit, then come back for ToS and forget what the fuck some of these dungeons are about
    4. yeah i worded it badly, i was tired and to me it looked like another "Game sux, too easy to gear" push for the usual "X expansion is better, Y expansion ruined the game"

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    i allmost feel like you copy/pasted the qoute on the top of this page, cause it sorta looks like you did not see my original post where i do comment you can get pretty high ilvl from pvp, and not doing dungeons with the current catch up mechanics in the game, the three lines you qoute are more of

    Tired felplague at 3am seeing another "gamesux too easy, X expansion is better" thread, in a weird format
    and idk, i think over time i became alot more snarky from people calling me cancer or to kill myself, idk : / i will agree that came off too bloody cunty
    <3 that's the felplague we love

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanislav View Post
    anything to stop scrubs like you from getting carried.
    Luckily, most people don't seem to mind carrying my 12 alts through Balance of Power, so your opinion doesn't matter as much to me as you must think it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    what a prime example of toxic level that hc and mythi raiding brings to game - those 2 should be removed imidiately to cut off toxic douchebags from game.
    Well, amusingly, I've gotten criticised in Normal mode EN more than I have in Heroic EN so far, despite doing nearly as many heroic runs.

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    How to look for dps.
    iLVL 910+ is okay. 915+ is preffered.
    Ach if he links cutting Edge must be done on first week of raid launch.
    Master Keystone date should start with 2016.

    If you go higher than 10s and want a good time check their wowlogs, wowprogress. A dps you want to group up should have at least orange avg on heroic and mix of orange purple on mythic. If you see multiple golden ranks you hit a jackpot.
    Wowprogress should have 300+ M+, preferably quite a few +10/+15 cleared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    <3 that's the felplague we love
    Wow 3 compliments in one month. I'm flattered :3
    Everyone is being so nice
    Quote Originally Posted by Domoda View Post
    I was a "Warlock main" In vanilla and i think soulshards disappeared upon logging out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eurhetemec View Post
    Me too!

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    Ding 110, hit a PVP tower for 880+ boots while waiting for brawl. Get ilevel 900 chest from brawl chest, flying out to next tower for 880+ waist and queue up for TWing. Get waist when queue pops, chain down 5 TWing dungeons in 40 minutes, get 2 ilevel 900 items from broken shore WB, notice I only need one more quest for emissary... fine, I finish that and get Kiljaeden's burning wish... nice. Get 895 head piece from TWing box. I'm barely 2 hours at 110 and have 7 ilevel 880+ items. 2 relics, no progress in class hall cuz of invasion leveling.

    Sure, i'll join your Catherdral of light dungeon that I've never seen cuz there has never been a point in going in there.
    Quote Originally Posted by THE Bigzoman View Post
    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
    If you say pls because it is shorter than please,
    I'll say no because it is shorter than yes.

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    did a +12 Cathedral with a 915 resto Druid that didn't know to go inside the shield on chaotic energy. was pretty lit

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    I haven't read this whole thread, but would like to just say: I have completed m+20s in time and I still get lost in lower Kara. Fuck that place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meerkatz View Post
    I haven't read this whole thread, but would like to just say: I have completed m+20s in time and I still get lost in lower Kara. Fuck that place.
    I have always said that bringing back a rehashed Kara would be a big mistake, but they didn't wanna listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DFTR View Post
    Well the game does allow it. I got to ~900 just from the Demon Island Place and haven't done a dungeon since the expansion launched. I could join most standard groups I imagine, but I in all honesty could count the amount of bosses that I actually know the tactics to on one hand.

    You could always check people's armouries, and view their Statistics to see how many times they've completed each dungeon. If the armoury still lets you do that, actually; I remember Blizz removed ~80% of the content from it.
    Agreed 100% with you. I can step on the island, do a few quests and I'm easily 850. Grind out a bit more and 900 is basically handed to me from a vendor.

    Blizzard no longer cares about their players or their games, they care about profit. Even their last report was "Better than expected revenue" not a peep about the quality of the game or happiness of the players.

    Really though, this game no longer is for those that wish to "work" for their gear; the game is now for the casual player who may sub when new content is out, play it for a month or two, unsub, then come back later on during the next patch. They may occasionally throw a grind in that makes it look like you'll fall behind if you don't do it, but even that is easy to catch up on. Once you hit AK 40, which isn't even hard to do for a new player thanks to the decrease in time per AK level, leveling any weapon is pathetically easy. Likewise, the content is so watered down and easy, especially on LFR difficulty, that literally anyone can see it.

    Basically, Blizzard has ruined the game all in favor of inclusiveness.

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