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    Post New to PVP, Suggestions??

    Hey guys, Im a newer pvp player with the end goal being 3v3 arenas. I have messed around with BGs but do not really like them. Any suggestions on what class route to go thats more friendly to a newer player and how to improve and find teammates to help me in arenas. I have played both melee and ranged but have never healed in pvp. Give me your class suggestions and why. Thanks

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    Just have fun. If you care about bleeding edge competition you are playing the wrong game.

    Use @arena1,2,3 macros. Use keybinds, turn with your mouse.

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    Hardest part is to learn what every class and spec can do, while learning how your class and teammates can counter what they do.

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    Play a melee class for starters. Warriors are very strong atm, monks are crazy hard to kill, DH is Blizz' new pet and rogues got a nice buff. Play something you like and get behind on, because leveling an alt to where they need to be is not as easy as Blizz tries to make you believe. Then practice and make friends, and you can always start of with random people that are asking for partners in gc.
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    Just play warrior. Its essentially auto win class, and you dont need to worry about it changing any time soon. With shuffles in pvp team its safe to assume nothing will get resolved till 8.0.

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    Ignore arena if you dont want to grow gray hair in your 20's / 30's, like seriously everyone playing 2s/3s without FOTM rerolling must be kind of masochist.

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