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    Top 20 Experienced DH and Disc Priest LFG Mythic ToS

    Hello! We’re making a last effort to try and find a good home to raid with in tomb.

    We both have raided in multiple top 20 US guilds(I can provide a list if you're interested), but now we’re taking a step back and just want to enjoy the game. Looking for a guild that plans on clearing all mythic content in a reasonable time. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have @ Rtrain#1761

    Free Agent! Looking for Guild for Legion!

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    About the Guild:
    Top Horde Mythic Guild on Blackhand/Galakrond, <Ambiguously Offensive>, is opening recruitment for Legion. We have been raiding together for the entirety of Warlords of Draenor and plan to continue that through Legion and beyond. We are currently recruiting for Tomb too.

    Guild Name: Ambiguously Offensive
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: (US) Blackhand / PvE
    Realm Timezone: Central
    Raid Times: 7-9 pm Server (8-10 pm EST)
    Progression: 8/10 Mythic Nighthold
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    Voice Service: Discord

    What we expect:
    We expect commitment to the guild and our raid schedule. We understand that real life happens and won't punish you for that, but we need to be informed before hand if you will miss raid times. However, if it is a constant problem, we will have to seek replacements.
    Guild repairs and Raid items are supplied by the guild bank. All we ask in return is for raiders to do their part to help make sure that our bank stays stocked.
    We will not tolerate toxic behavior in Guild, Raid, or Trade chat. There is plenty of friendly competition and teasing to be had, but if any individual is known to regularly say or do things that make people uncomfortable or unsafe, they will be removed from guild.

    Contact us:
    Contact me on Battle.net:


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    Still looking, last day anyone interested?

    Free Agent! Looking for Guild for Legion!

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    Hope this is not too late to catch the train... Please give it a read through and consider it. Contact me with any questions you may have. I am the RDPS lead on the discord.

    <NSW> Is an upcoming Horde guild on (US) Mal'ganis. We are comprised of some of the top mythic+ dungeon players from US servers with extensive mythic raiding experience. Our short term goal is to clear all content up to Heroic Tomb of Sargeras in a group as large as 30 players. This is to be followed by Mythic Tomb of Sargeras progression in week two with the core roster comprised of the top performing individuals. We seek to expand the roster and collect talent for the utmost efficiency in our raid environment. Please review the belowinformation then apply at discord.gg/R6wdn6U .

    The guild ranks consist of:

    XXX: Leadership Council
    NC17: Leadership Alts
    R: Raiders
    PG13: Trial
    PG: M+ Dungeoner
    G: Friends and Family

    What we offer:

    - Consumables for raiders
    - Repairs for our raiders
    - Professions to craft most everything in the game
    - Resources/directories to foster player development
    - Readily available leadership that is approachable
    - Experience at the highest level in both PvE and PvP dating from now back to vanilla
    - M ToS experience

    What we seek:

    - Desire to succeed
    - Drive to make that success real
    - Ability to min/max your character
    - Attendance for all raids
    - Active players in WoW community
    - Equipped ilvl exceeding 914
    - Three legendaries at ilvl970
    - H ToS experience
    - 55+ Artifact traits in main spec weapon
    - Fully gemmed gear
    - Fully enchanted gear

    What we expect:

    Raiders are expected to be on 15 minutes beforehand for invites and preparation. All of your personal responsibilities of mission boards, seals of fate, daily quests, and professions must be handled prior to raid. Do not expect downtime during raid aside from a regularly scheduled break.

    Our raid times are every Monday through Thursday at:

    600 PM to 930 PM PST
    700 PM to 1030 PM MST
    800 PM to 1130 PM CST
    900 PM to 1230 AM EST

    Where the loot goes:

    Loot is handled via a loot council that is constructed of 5 players for each raid. The composition consists of three random XXX members of leadership and two R members of the raid core. This is designed to create a system of equality where the overall distribution matches the general raid needs, as perceived by raid environment, to best serve progression. With this shifting core of voters there should be no cliques, no bias, no funneling. We aim to best serve the raid.

    If you are accepted:

    Your character will be invited to the guild at which point you begin your trial process. You will have invites to H ToS raids with potential M ToS as warranted by your performance and our raid needs. After a period of two weeks there will be a communal discussion with leadership regarding your position where you are either promoted to a raider or placed on a probationary trial status to be reviewed for one additional week. Upon the end of this week your status will either be moved to a R raider, M+ dungeoner, or Friends and Family as seen fit by leadership. Any transparency you seek during this time can be attained by simply approaching any member of leadership.

    If this sounds like a guild relationship you seek to pursue then, again, please refer to discord.gg/R6wdn6U and apply. Please expect a reply within 24 hours should we have interest in your application.

    If you seek a home to simply run high level M+ or lower level M+ spam please feel free to apply for that respective role. Your character may be welcome to join in on the occasional heroic or old mythic content if space permits.

    Come join us as we go hard non-stop.

    No Safe Word.

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