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    Tabard of the achiever

    I am level 70 and i need one more tabard to get the achievement. I havent played since cataclysm. Are there any new tabards that are really easy to get that doesnt require a higher level?

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    Midsummer event coming up end of this month.
    If you have not participated yet, that is two tabards from a quest.

    Tabards from your faction races, bought from vendors at the flight paths in the major town they inhabit.

    Guild tabards.

    I will look in-game, and see if any others spring to mind.

    Tabard tab in appearances collection might give you ideas.
    Button on micro-menu (spells etc) that looks like a horse - collections - appearances - tabard button amongst the gear slots at the top.
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    The only ones comes to my mind is an


    But i can't be sure if counts for achievement. I noticed that legion tabards don't count.

    You can check also this guide.


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