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    Gender prize money gap narrowing, new study shows

    he gender prize money gap in sport is closing with more sports than ever achieving parity at the top level, a BBC Sport study has found.

    A total of 83% of sports now reward men and women equally, according to the study commissioned for Women's Sport Week.

    Cricket, golf and football showed some of the biggest disparities although prize money for women has increased substantially in these sports over the past three years.

    Other sports that do not reward male and female competitors equally according to the study are cliff diving, ski jumping, darts and snooker plus some cycling events. Women are allowed to enter the world championships in darts and snooker but also have their own separate competitions.
    Not going to quote whole article but it's interesting to read. Equality is good, but what they are trying to do is wrong. If female athletes can't generate equal numbers as male counterparts why would they think they deserve the same pay?

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    women generally throw more precisely than men, so maybe they shouldn't be mixed in darts.

    and it doesn't really matter. they're both playing the same sport, they should get the same payout.

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