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    honestly... i think he has way to much crit and haste.... he realy needs to get some mastery for his typing.

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    erm.. what is going on here? I'm a bit scared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taylerderten View Post
    Well its more like some feedback, some things I always want to say(mainly good things because im kinda tired of cryers and negative people and because you deserve it)some ideas and an ultimate question.I am dedicated alliance elemental shaman(im a physicist so ele is my love,but now days I must say enhasement is very tempting) and I have played almost every class-spec during vanilla with several accounts (I was working at an internet gaming coffee shop when the game released and it was like paying me for playing )and if I sum up the playing days(/played I mean) its above 600 days…
    I love every aspect of the game but my heart is more pvp because can I put this…..well even if you dueling ,doing arenas or bgs with same people with the same gear(now days gear has not the same effect like before..and it’s a good thing..make no mistake about it..)the fight it will be wont be the same …so I always consider pvp superior as a challenge.
    i didn’t do my lessons meaning that lots of things maybe already been said in forums and maybe some things im gonna say isn’t right so I apologize in advance.
    so lets get start it…
    1)SURAMAR…or maybe suramar project..the term perfect is a heavie term but its perfect .not only artistically(art is a matter of taste..for me is a flawless design.. )but because it serves two things
    a)maybe you spent the same time or more to design suramar with the time you spent to design the rest of the world but it gives you the sense that the world is twice as big..(when I say design I don’t referring only for the art part..its about everything..from the color gradation to what mob will be where and what it will do etc)
    b)it is always nice to have an area that its hard to do a type of player who prefers a hard and challenging lvling and playing elemental(well its no secret ele was really hard at the start in terms of effectiveness) I really enjoy to put it…entering into an area and after 10sec running trying to get into water (because I aggro the whole area ..even 2-3 mobs was giving me a hard time)..hidding into the basket forest runnnnnnnnn…
    and obviously two great dungeons..court is awesome for several reasons..find the suspect is f….ing awesome .
    so I would say two towns next time but its ok even with one town like suramar.but two is the perfect number
    Talking about suramar..
    I was very pleased to see part of elfs story..night elfs deserve this
    Using the term deserve bring us to the undead(very underestimate now days)..when the game released and for some time ,half(?) of the horde population was undead..they deserve to hear-see their story..maybe there is a connection with lich king the curse that make them undead or maybe the secret of the curse is hidden somewhere in space..who knows..
    My favorite detail in suramar is the spooky children running around and singing “run around the around the city”…when I saw them the 1st time I was pretty sure that inside of a house I will find the doll from the child play horror movie (chucky is the name if I remember well)…lol????
    about raiding the difficulty tuning in normal-hrc-mythic is perfect.simply as that.
    Nighthold is awesome..em.nightmare is great as a concept but nighthold was more enjoyable(I love trilliax,obviously for the lines he says )
    Some things about raid-finder..the original purpose of this concept was to put more players into raiding if I remember that everyone raids more or less at least compare to previous expansions(before raid finder) he can serve one more purpose.
    in raid finder groups unless you play tank you wont get kick out you can tune up one or more mechanic to cause wipe like if it was normal or hrc (better a hrc tuning).this will give the chance to fully understand the mechanic ,at least one .well I suppose not everyone(has the proper skill is the right term) is in a guild and has the time or the will to read-watch in youtube videos that explains everything and even if you see-know what to do the implementation is another thing..isnt it?
    about mythic+
    well it was about time….everything about mythic+ is great..
    one of the side effects that has one me it was that i lvl up a tank(I always want to have a blood dk)because mythic+ makes tanking role way more interesting..from my perspective mythic+ shows the difference between a good tank and a bad tank ..not the raid..well how to put it…I haven’t see such a bad tanking since deadmines 10…..and it was sad that in certain affixes (at least the first couple of months) you could find more easily water into desert than a tank in wow.
    Since we are at dungeon part its obvious that karazhan as a mega dungeon was a is awesome from every aspect..awesome..awesome..the next mega dungeon(using old content) it could be one of the most famous(I think)dungeon and it’s the four wings of scarlet monastery…
    Taking as a fact(which is not a fact) that the game need more players in pvp I would say that two things are missing and im gonna strongly argument about this.
    The truth is that I was very surprised when I saw in a forum..cant really remember where.. that only 10% of the players do some serious pvp(I don’t know if this data is correct)..and with the term serious I mean the time that the player spent for pvp content..
    a)we need a duel area or even better a duel tournament ,a duel event(you can call it a mak’gora tournament if you want..its an obvious connection with the movie isn’t it?)
    why do we need this?the answer is obvious..practise..
    because lets see what you really ask from me if I want to be ask me to know all the 36(maybe its less but anyway) specs and calculate every potential sequence of action and use properly the ground and use more buttons and learn how to fakecast and interrupt.. (.even now after all those years still people breaks the 1st stun from rogues-ferals..come onnn..come onnnnnn).
    its sad that all the effort you put for pvp is kinda waste it(its not waste but you know what a mean..there is art in pvp..and ppl don’t see it)
    you will say that im gonna break your balls and i will accuse you for the class balance.yes its true..but from the other hand im I not the same person that I will accuse you for everything?even for the way you breathe?..i can still remember(maybe im wrong)when you change the eye of the human model (something like this)a rebellion was strike,,ahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahaha…lol?lol!
    help me understand when I need help and what kind of help im gonna need.which spec are compatible with my spec etc..
    know your strength know your weakness know the enemy isn’t the basic principle in war? Pvp is all about synergy between team mates but still we need a way to fully understand our spec and the enemy spec
    Now why it has to be an event and not a daily thing?obvious reasons nothing more to say..lets say 2 or 4 times per month is enough(every saturday lets say)
    One of the things that characterize pvp is that both winning or losing
    (especially losing) are more personalized isn’t it?so a tournament will insure anonymity..and I will skip the potentially bullying part..because I will have to deal with a guy who is from another server or maybe the same server and most likely I will never see him again..but trust me im not gonna remember the names and most important no one will see my fails..and for the best result the place for duels it must be the arenas that we have.
    i could argue more but this is enough(I think)
    b)let me try describe a bg..i like most of the already maps and what you must do but let me describe what I mean..imagine a smaller alterac valley..whice means big map but with 15 ppl each team..imagine that I have to do certain tasks in a very certain time what I must do is to send one player to a certain place(and also the other team)so I will have a 1v1 the same time I will have to sent 2 ppl to another place so im gonna have a 2v2 match and so goes on..the idea is to by default create 1v1 2v2 3v3 5v5 games and then unite the team and have a bloodbath..i could send 2 ppl for one man task,,but the cost it must be greater from the cost that the team will have if my team mate, my team fail to do the task(that is tricky..but lets say the spawn area will be close enough so I have to win 2-3 times in a row to do the task) who im gonna send?if its open field with a cliff ill sent my caster or with knockback ability..if it is closed area(a tower lets say)is better to sent melee every spec will have a place..there is always space for mobs with random reaction
    why do I want to do this? mainly because the sense that you have with current bgs is that you deal with too many opponents or too few..and this is not what I like
    anyway you get the idea behind of it..i have billion ideas but you have all the data all the knowledge and know what is doable and what is not..
    4)well some things about shaman and ele shaman(as long for me im happy because we are very competitive in pvp..but nerf and nerf and nerf..well stop this)
    Do we have for years and years now one of the best if not the best healer both in terms pve-pvp with very high skill cap?yes we have..
    Is the dps spec of the shaman under power(see pve)yes it is..
    Elemental has two cant say that it is really hard in pve compare to some other specs and that’s true even with the(awesome)icefury build(I love icefury..solved tones of problems in pvp)but I love ascendance(in pve) not for the numbers but because of the model..piece of art it is..
    Is ele one of the hardest to play in pvp with very high skill cap..yes it is..
    One thing that you must avoid next time is this and its for every is the kind of problems that it has nothing to do with you and at the same time it has everything to do with let me describe ..
    About the end of September I went in a mythic+(+4,,+5 something like this,,the key was from a guildie so i couldnt kicked out)arcway...till then everywhere I lay my foot the reaction was..ohhh an elemental must be the only one that plays ele etc..i got kicked out from several raids or mythic+ with the excuse that they would be with one dps less..ele had issues but nothing like the most players thought,,ok ele because of the design is gear dependent more than other specs but in mythic+ it was never bad even from the 1st day of we go into the arcway and there was a windwalker monk..when he saw me he starts(and its exactly as a say),,omfg an elemental you doing here ?ele shamans are so bad that even in charts don’t show them..why the you play elemental?are you f…ing retarded?what is wrong with you?are you brain dead?wtf?why are you here?what is wrong with you?why play ele? that it was for the whole was a good player I can tell this ..his numbers was pretty high and it was unreal because the whole time he was doing some serious dps and at the same time he was typing to me the things I have already said..the whole time,, you can understand after two minutes I couldnt see in front of me because of nerves and I was imagine that he was a kid sitting in a chair and his feet doesn’t reach the floor..and I was getting even more mad(well not mad but you get the picture)I didn’t say anything but that’s me,,not all the players will have the same reaction.. next time just back up any spec at least early game ..especially if you keep the same mechanic meaning a lvling tree(now its artifact tree,,next time maybe something else)on the bright side I had an idea for a unique buff(the seed for this is from the thrall cinematic when he kicks garrosh ass) ..i know that you will be jealous guys but this buff is for us the players not for you..and here it how it goes..
    When a player opens his mouth and shitty things that makes you anger comes out then through the quantum tunneling phenomenon a warmhole is creating and binding the two pc..the display transform to an iron hand that grabs him from the neck and knock his head to the desk 2-4 times..that will proc the reboot brain effect that will cause the immediately burn of every shit he has on his brain for 4-8 hours..
    Now if the player is below 17 years old the effect is revert and two iron hands are creating..the one is grabbing you by the neck and the other hand slaps you 2-4 times because you let your self to be in a state of anger for nothing
    24 hours cd…
    Well guys,,you have a lot of work to do…
    The thing is(going back to shaman) now that our fel influence baby thrall son of durotan start his journey in the river it is a good idea to pay more attention to shaman dps specs.
    About the of the best of its kind and this is not my words..i would love it from people that I have asked and no one plays wow(well I break their balls to go and see it) but we all said there two things missing .. a bit of length and me…
    going back to shaman again my fancy idea years now is to merge ele into enh and create a really hard to play but a kicking ass spec(well everyone likes thrall)..with both melee and casting abilities and ele to become a very strong aoe with unique totems spec that it will be able to multitask…
    now what is the translate of multitask spec?a spec that it will be able to tank for a sort period of time,,able to heal for a sort period of time..meaning that it will no longer have elements,,but it will be the to tank,,water=ability to heal,air=unique utilities,fire=dmg..well you get the idea..multitasking in my mind is kinda unavoidable cause sooner or later you will be forced to expand raid mechanics..
    5)the ultimate question and I feel that I represent least everyone that love this game is..well so far we are talking about a masterpiece expansion so the question is
    What took you so long guys?what took you so long?

    Ps1)if I want to fully justify the title consider me a friend
    a) I would say that the fallout game belongs to the wrong company..if it build in wow ideas..lore guilds raiding it will destroy every other game in this to put has by default casino in it…and not only this..ill say no more..
    b) Another game that it is old but is more close to you and has lot things to say is the master of magic by simtex is missing a serious turn based game..its really worth invest in it
    Ps2)well every time I see illidan the behind blue eyes song is coming to my mind..the original song is from the who but limp bizkit did an awesome adaptation,,if you see the lyric its like every word was written for illidan..i would like to see him say “
    my love is vengeance and that’s never free mortals..”
    ps3)mr Ion Hazzikostas has win us all..i think-feel-know that he is doing a great job..well done Ion..well done
    Too Long;Didn't Read has never been more true.

    There is something to be said about composition, structure, and being concise.

    Great for forums, great for business, great for life:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironcast View Post
    Read the last paragraph, I am assuming its the same as the rest. I unfortunately do not have a WW2 Engima machine to help us here.

    I am out!
    1 word...


    Hahahhahaha good one .. good one indeed xDDDD

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    If you want people to read your garbage, you should format it so it's actually possible.

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    My eyes hurt... and my head.

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    *Squint* ...Nope no, I can't it's too hot today, and my brain is already half mush. This level of indecipherable squiggle blabbering in text form is not on my level of comprehension at this current time.

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    This is one of my favorite threads.

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    No one is going to read that. You need to format it in a manner that is easier to read if you want to start a discussion. Break it up into paragraphs and skip lines between them. That's a giant wall of text without a TLDR.

    Just tried to read it, this is gibberish. I don't know what point you are trying to make. Perhaps start with an introduction or something to clearly identify what it is you are trying to say. This reads like the ranting of an illiterate 12 year old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylerderten View Post to put it…
    Not like this man, not like this.

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    Think we need a adult in here ....scary stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arafal View Post
    can someone give me a tldr?
    Sure: It's "to long, don't read"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuckMyShield View Post
    hardcore blizzard fanboy tries to find something positive in a disaster that is a legion.
    And too many times that argument is pulled out on a single post or forum thread.
    Only an idiot pulls the fanboy card to dismiss someone.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reinaerd View Post
    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leyre View Post
    when did mmo-champ became a personal blog?
    Have you missed every thread that starts with "Am I the only one who misses xyz" or "I remember the days when...."?

    I'd say it has been a personal blog since a pretty long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown11 View Post
    Oh god it's another one! And it's the guy from the Glades of the Queen expansion "leak".
    Expansion leak claiming Legion is the last expansion
    Quote Originally Posted by golds
    NO it will be me laughing at how you doubted this....
    Quote Originally Posted by golds
    I was right

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuckMyShield View Post
    hardcore blizzard fanboy tries to find something positive in a disaster that is a legion.
    As opposed to "Hardcore Blizzard haters try to find something shit in everything and anything, no matter how much they need to pull it out of their ass"?

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    This doesn't seem to be going well. Threads that end up with more comments about post formatting than actual discussion are a waste of time and space.

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