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    My druid does 300k with dots thrown occasionally, heals for twice, moves like a boss and gives GL's girlfriend Disc innervates and brezes on top of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riistov View Post
    Ours was pulling some really good numbers, that may be subject to change when people start getting their 4 piece, but for now they look strong.
    they look strong because heroic can have 30 people, which most raids will have (esp. ones clearing 9/9 asap for splits). the moment oyu downside to 20, and you start having *actual* damage hitting people, monk falls behind quickly.

    the only benefit a MW has over other healers is that they dont really care for 2pc/4pc, and as healers never get loot anyway they start off a bit stronger than others ... but that quickly diminishes due to 0 scaling

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