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    ToS Healers!

    Hey guys!

    Which healer is looking the best for the next raid tier and for the 7.2.5 mythic + ?!!

    Would appreciate all opinions!

    is the above true? or correct so far?

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    No - that is Nighthold numbers with T19 set bonuses, etc. It's also a fools errand with healers to necessarily equate HPS numbers to the actual strength of the class. HPS is not directly attributable to spec strength like DPS, because the way healers heal (burst healing is more valuable than slow HoTs) and the outside utility they bring matter just as much or more.

    - You're going to have 3-4 Mythic healing spots typically.
    - You can 100% guarantee that Resto Shaman is locked into one of the spots even with slightly subpar HPS, because they bring a second raid CD, along with a lot of utility no other healer can bring (ankh totem, wind rush totem, etc.). RShaman had the lowest HPS in Nighthold yet was generally included in any idea raid comp because of what they bring.
    - Similarly, you can about 95% guarantee that Holy Paladins will be locked into another spot, regardless of their HPS, because they bring better single target/tank healing that no other spec can really replicate. They were far from HPS gods in Nighthold, but were still locked into every top raid comp.
    - That leaves 1-2 remaining spots for the 4 other specs to share, which is awful from a balance perspective, but it is what it is. The other 4 specs are reasonably interchangaeable.
    - Druids are going to be significantly lower than their current NH 7.2.5 numbers indicate, because their current T19 4pc set bonuses are extremely overpowered (arguably upwards of 10-15% total healing), while their T20 set bonuses are below average (generally <4% total healing). That's going to knock them down a big chunk when people start using T20 gear, and they are actually probably on the weak side.
    - Holy Priests are likely going to skyrocket, because they have stronger T20 bonuses than other healers that are replacing T19 bonuses that are generally considered trash. Highly likely HPriest is the strongest raw throughput healer in 7.2.5.
    - MW were buffed significantly, which you can see from the NH numbers, and should be well ahead of RDruids in terms of pure throughput. It's tempered to an extent because Revival is usually an inferior raid CD compared to Tranq, HTT, etc, but I still see them a notch ahead of Druids in total value.
    - Disc is still an enigma, since so few play it and play it well. It's probably pretty good from an overall output perspective, but throughput based raid CDs are usually better than Barrier, and Holy is so strong this tier that you probably will continue to not see it really being played that much.

    In terms of overall raid viability/value, I would rank them.

    Resto Shaman > Holy Paladin >>>> Holy Priest >> Mistweaver > Resto Druid >> Disc Priest

    In terms of where I expect aggregate HPS to end up:

    Holy Priest >> Mistweaver > Disc Priest > Holy Paladin > Resto Druid > Resto Shaman

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