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    ToS Healers! 7.2.5

    Hey guys!

    Which healer is looking the best for the next raid tier and for the 7.2.5 mythic + ?!!

    Would appreciate all opinions!


    is the above true? or correct so far?

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    You really shouldn't crosspost like this. One post in one subforum is enough.
    No Flying = No Playing

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    was 2 threads necessary?

    I'll paste my same reply:

    HPS has never been any indicator of a good healer, but more a foundation of whether or not they are close enough to each other. It can be an indicator of a good comp, amount of healers (less equals higher), and overall raid damage (meaning the worst the group is, the better the healer looks)

    Healers have been pretty balanced so far and there's no reason to "rank" them like you would DPS.

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