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    Titanforge Cap Increase

    I can't find exactly when this is supposed to happen.

    Is it on June 20th with the release of ToS normal/heroic?


    Is it on June 27th with the release of ToS Mythic?

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    The cap was raised to 925 with the release of Nighthold Normal and Heroic so we can assume the same will apply to Tomb with the cap increasing tomorrow or Wednesday for EU.

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    With launch of mythic tomb it will increase. So no tomb gear will be able to drop higher than heroic KJ's ilvl until next week.

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    Hmm Conflicting responses. Anyone else?

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    Oy, thought I saw this, but now I'm not sure.

    Here is what we know....

    6/13: New legendaries available now @ 940
    6/20: N&H ToS. All legendaries drop @ 970. Also, legendary upgrade quest that week.
    6/27: M ToS. New Mythic Keystone 11-15 rewards, and "M+ loot cap generally goes up when Mythic difficulty of the raid unlocks"

    Does this mean 6/27? Does it increase both weeks? (940 tomorrow (heroic+15), then 955 mythic ToS week?)
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    Got a 935 chest from HoV today, so it must have been already increased

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    there are already 950/955 items around.

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    Yea our Shadow priest (fancypants us stormrage) was given 950 gloves from normal kil'Jaden. So doesn't loom like there's a cap to increase.

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