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    A ranged one.

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    Only classes I haven't gotten to 100+ are warrior and monk. Leveling a warrior currently, dunno if I want to work on a monk next.

    Competent enough with each that I could enjoy maining any of them, though I'm not a great player. Current main is a druid. Previous mains were a warlock and a paladin. If I had to pick another, it would either be my rogue or my mage.
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    It would be a toss up between Druid, Paladin, or Shaman. I mained Shaman through Wrath, Cata ruined them so I stopped playing, started playing at Prepatch WOD, rolled a Rogue and Warrior. Maybe Priest.

    I'd definitely go Paladin if they gave us Undead Paladins though. In a heartbeat.

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    Are "help me pick a class" threads allowed now?
    I personally don't mind it after all it's so subjective...
    As many already said, pick one of each, now it's the best time to do it with so much class specific content!

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    Elemental is pretty fun when decently geared, a bit proc reliant but not really more or less than other ranged classes, plus the benefit of a heal off spec if that's your thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brostro View Post
    Like it says, if you were to make a new alt - and it would become your main, do you know what you would choose?
    My main is a prot paladin, I tried all other tanks in Legion and sadly I don't enjoy the fotm ones (druid / monk), so if I was to pick another tank, probably my old trusted wotlk dk, every expansion they managed to do something weird with it, legion came and dk was a weaksauce, but I heard for tos it's poised to be decent, so maybe first time since icc I would play it more.

    If I was to play a dps instead, I think the only dps specs I can remotely enjoy in legion are arcane mage (sadly again not fotm and I can already see the pestering why aren't you frost or even fire) and maybe bm hunter (it's a bit boring and you have to manage pets, but I guess it's fine). I don't enjoy melee dps much and from ranged I tried every spec except demo lock and only these 2 were any fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brostro View Post
    I am just interested in hearing what other people would say, I am coming back to the game after quitting before MoP and I see my beloved hunter class has changed so much, I want to try something completely new. I got a DH to 110 and ... it ain't for me, and I got a ret pally to 110 and its alright, but I think I need to get some ranged on again.
    Well just try stuff around even on a class trial if you don't have a class, classes changed so much it's really hard to say what would you like or not.

    For example I used to play ele shaman, spriest and hunter (surv in cata and mm in wod) in various expansions and nowadays they feel completely different from what I liked about them. It's also really hard to get over the fact my ele shaman felt so great in MOP (amazing utility, good mobility, great aoe), and nowadays the aoe is still there but mobility and utility are gone, I tried to play it recently, it's a character that has most legendaries after my main and the first alt to get concordance, but I just don't feel it anymore...

    One reason why I main my prot paladin is they still have things that I loved about them back in the day, the avenger shield spam, strong oh-shit buttons (including the best oh-shit button for m+ that is bubble-taunt talent) and wide arsenal of utility, but yeah I mained it before from end of wotlk to start of mop and indeed it doesn't feel similar to how it used to be. If I quit like you at the start of mop and came back now, I would have hard time recognizing classes.

    So best thing I would advise is just try them out yourself, check their spells, rotations, talents, don't just listen what is fun for other people because fun is subjective.

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    if i had to play another class other than warrior / warlock / priest

    probably a rogue, havent touched one since burning crusade

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