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    Quote Originally Posted by Alassiel View Post
    Sorry you spent hours doing something not that difficult at all, my reply must've stung after that. What seems to be so hard to you that warrants a milion wipes?

    I did a lot of supposedly hard things after watching them and guess what... they weren't really that hard, all you had was a combination of people with mediocre skill telling tales.

    If the havoc challenge seems hard to you, well, git gud? Not a single fucking mechanic there demands a rocket scientist level of smart nor do they require an extreme level of reaction time. It requires you not to be a monkey smashing your buttons around in random order and if you raid mythics on a semi-high level, I believe you should have that under control already.

    I'll be doing the challenge tomorrow, will be sure to let you know how many attempts it took
    Actually, in his defense, being able to do it before it was nerfed on a class that was relatively weak at the time is an accomplishment.

    It took me over 200 tries to get it on my BDK back in early April when the tank challenge was actually hard. I felt **A LOT** more pride and sense of accomplishment getting it on my BDK than on my VDH which took only 4 tries.

    It's something that you do for yourself, not others. No one will care if I link them my achievement for getting it, but I always will. I'll never forget it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinio View Post
    phase one was never a problem, some people needed more tries to learn mechanics some not, the last phase was, when the mage tower first came up, a dps race, now its a joke, with 910 ilvl its free loot. i dont know why "mythic raider" waited so long to do the challenge, its called a challenge not a "iam overgeared like hell, so all i need to do is not to die to easy mechanics", for a mythic raider, you dont need to wait weeks to have enough ilvl to faceroll it "git gud"
    Right now, the only people who are actually going to find it a challenge are those who use their keyboards to turn and mouse to click abilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazzguhl View Post
    I did succeed on the first attempt. I was also the first time I saw the 2nd phase and I couldn't tell exactly what happened...

    Somehow it's hard to believe you managed to one shot Kruul phase without knowing about what he does. You had to at least have read a guide on what he does or watched a YT vid or something. Hard to believe you knew how to deal with his 3 abilities (not counting adds) blindly and still avoided death until he died.
    "It's not what we don't know that gets us into trouble; it's what we know for sure that just ain't so." ~ Mark Twain
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    I know... I can tell I saw a video which wasn't a guide but when you see a video, you can't remember all abilities.

    You are saying 3 abilities :
    I know there is one to cut (did it and if I remember well, BigWigs told me to), the 2nd must be the debuff I recieved (was on TS with my guild and a tank told me I have to kill him before I get more then 3 debuff... Killed him with 2) for this one, you can't do anything about it or I missed something? Maybe I used my spike just in case it could help. Is the 3rd is the jump+green aoe ? Honestly can't tell you.

    Otherwise, it's pretty obvious to avoid going into those purple lazer (but I still get hitted 1-2 of them as I'm not a pro) and also CC the white add like on P1 with my CD or orbs. But it went so fast and I also panicked a bit.... the SB buff completly carried me IMO.

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    Alrighty, I just finished the challenge at 895 ilvl, 52 artifact traits(so concordance rank 1) and 900 ilvl in the weapon (dogshit relics, magic damage reduction + demon blades % dmg +chaos nova stun %), lengendaries being 940 Anger and 940 Prydaz (not gemmed or enchanted cuz fuck that shit yo). Used Seventh Demon and Magister food, prepot in the 1st phase was Prolonged and dual pots in the demon phase were the old war ones. The challenge took me 35 tries. On that note let me walk you through the story of my sperging and being a fucking retard.

    39% crit/mastery, 3.5% versa, 30k agi.

    Phase 1 - FROST PHASE:

    First few wipes I died to the frost wall. I never paid attention to what the character was doing during the phase, just saw people mashing chaos nova and fel rushing, their health had a significant drop so I thought maybe I lacked the survivability (did it at 894, so my health wasn't 4kk or the likes, just 3,5m) , after a few tries I had a stroke of genius and remembered that you needed to double jump beforehand. Piss easy phase once you get that very, very hard part of it nailed down. (/s)


    Dealing with Arcane Barrage was trivial, but this phase gave me a lot of pain being self-inflicted during a furious, sperging rage. I didn't know how many casts it takes for the boss to teleport away and mirror image so I had to rely on DBM timers, but sometimes it was sperging out and saying a frost phase is on while he teleported away and split himself into a million clones = 2 far way from him = wipe.

    I shit you not right now - out of 35 attempts, 23 of them were during the mirror mini-phase. I am absolutely not kidding you. I must be the biggest shitter there is for this mini-phase to prove this hard for me. I was wiping in all sorts of manners here. I tried fel rushing, but I always lost too much health before I could reach him. I tried doing the adds, but fury regen being gay or fel eruption being on CD didn't allow me to kill the adds before I got nuked into oblivion for standing on the ground.


    I managed to get through to this phase a few times by dumb luck alone and managed to get to the shadow & frost mix phase where he was doing both. Nothing hard here, sidestep the shadow orbs and interrupt frostbolts, rinse repeat, piss easy. The only time you'd die to these is if you wrongly assumed the direction of the shadow orbs and panicked. If you judged the direction right, no problem since they move slow.

    • Attempt I

    By some odd streak of lucky arcane mirror image phases I managed to see Phase 2 in person for the first time. I was overly zealous with my interrupts on that attempt and had Fel Eruption on cooldown while I had to swap talents. I didn't have Nemesis up so my DPS on boss wasn't satisfactory. I also chaos nova'd the adds right as they spawned which was dumb. I never noticed that the adds actually stand still for a few seconds after they spawn so it was a waste of a stun.

    Despite those mistakes I was exstatic, thinking I finally got the challenge down (since p2 in my mind was just a formality if you had the deeps, and you had them at 890 ilvl), I threw both throw glaives at the adds and didn't have enough slows to dps them down = boss healed, wipe, I rq. After that attempt I was back to wiping in mirror image phase.

    • Attempt II

    After another round of wipes in the mirror image mini-phase I managed to see Phase 2 once again. This time I forgot myself and used FoTI on pull which resulted in adds not dying = boss healed = I wiped. Not much else happened here. Quick wipe, minor pain inflicted while raging.

    • Attempt III

    I remembered not to use FoTI right away, I also made an extra effort to keep my hands off fel eruption so I could have nemesis for the nuke. Everything was going perfect. I thought my torture has finally come to an end. I was both so stressed and so happy I never looked at the dps meters to see if something was wrong. I noticed the boss had like 20 million hp or more (don't remember) after the third add phase and there was not enough space so I looked at what could possibly have gone wrong in that attempt.

    I didn't have Chaos Blades on my button bar. Yeah.

    • Attempt IV

    I was close to crying today after another round of wipes that I even considered taking a gamble with netherwalk instead of soul leech and then just netherwalking to him during the mirror image mini-phase. I didn't really know how many minutes apart those mini-phases were, so whenever netherwalk was on CD I would be somehow lucky enough to survive that stupid phase. I decided not to use netherwalk and give it one last try today.

    I was still shaking from the previous attempt, so I decided to go for a quick wank to calm my tits. After I calmed down I went to the auction house, I bought 10 augment runes, the best food a money can buy - I even considered buying the feast since it gave 500 of a stat rather than 375, but I stinged out and bought the 375 variant anyway.

    I COUNTED EVERY SINGLE CAST. I WAS IN THE MIDDLE FOR EVERY TRANSITION THER WAS - DOESN'T MATTER IF IT WAS FROST, SHADOW OR ARCANE. ALWAYS. IN. THE MIDDLE. So far I managed to get through every mirror images mini-phase without any major health loss, other phases were rinse and repeat. This was the attempt, I could feel it in my spine and my piss just like you do when you're ancient and know there's a bad weather coming your way.

    I reached phase2 again, used chaos blades this time, used my drums, prepot, made sure not to place my fingers anywhere near FOTI (even put the ability on a button I rarely use for abilities so I wouldn't click it on accident). Adds were stunned after they started walking, slowed every time the slow expired, even used vengeance retreat and fel rush two times to get the max dps there was. One add almost made it to the boss (was 1 chaos strike away from dying), and since I was low on health and prydaz was nowhere to be found, I took a gamble and stepped in the puddle of purple shit throwing both blur and darkness at the same time to hit the add and then fel rush the fuck outta there.

    The boss died. Finally. I was shaking like a junkie with parkinsons going through withdrawal. I have no idea what's going on during the Vengeance artifact challenge, but I guess it has a similarly obnoxious phase to the mirror image mini-phase. I'll submit myself to that torture tomorrow, assuming I stand a chance with 49 traits and and 886 ilvl weapon.

    Time to get myself a red transmog now.

    I hope this was an entertaining read. Sorry for any linguistic mistakes, I'm not a native speaker and I'm also in a state where you wouldn't want me to hold a gun pointed at you, that's how hard I'm shaking right now. Also sorry for my foul mouth.

    @j0ust hats off to you.

    I still stand by my earlier words - the challenge is simple. Mechanics of the challenge aren't hard. I stand corrected on one thing though - it's just our retardations making it hard combined with strong emotions after wiping on the stupidest little things. Most of my wipes weren't in the supposedly hardest (dps race phase?) but during the 2x fel rush phase. I guess I'm just shit at movement.

    @Kezuma @Jinio

    Not really to you though. The challenge was doable in 890 without concordance or so before the buffs/nerfs, so it wasn't a matter of overgearing it to nullify any challenge left in there. Chaos blades were gutted, t19 was nerfed. The only thing we have now that we didn't have before is a 4k mainstat proc for 10 seconds which might not do anything for you if it never procs in the critical moments of the fight.
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