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    why is this thread still alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woobels View Post
    why is this thread still alive
    because Argus raid isn't out yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    because Argus raid isn't out yet
    The Nighthold race thread got closed after only 5 guilds cleared because of excessive shitposting.

    Surprised this thread is still open after over 20 kills. The shit posting here is a lot worse than Nighthold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Breezy Badger View Post
    Fucking joke of a moderator you are.
    Quote Originally Posted by Veshx View Post
    To be fair, this whole sites moderators are a joke.

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    Let's start predictions now on which page in this thread the next raid's end boss will die. I'm going with 537.

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