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    [A/H] - Returning Oldschool Raider LF 2-3 Day Mythic Guild - 895 BM Hunter

    Basic Information

    Battle Tag
    – Myz#2503

    Armory Main
    - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/ch...encrest/ocelot

    Armory Alts



    I have every class at 100 as well, but I'm not going to list them all.



    I’m a 28 year old Belgian guy and have been playing WoW since the start of the EU closed beta. Raiding endgame content has always been my main goal in the game, making friends and having fun in general a close second.

    During these long years I’ve raided mostly all available content: I’ve had extremely hardcore years when I started out and have had to taper down my time investment as real life started making its demands.
    Last January I rerolled to my Hunter to raid again (I played him in HFC) with a few buddies on a 4 night schedule with the ambition to clear Mythic at a semi-hardcore level, meaning a few weeks prior to the next tier. While I enjoyed the challenge of getting to know a new class at this level and making the schedule work, I eventually could not manage the latter.

    I have a fairly demanding job for a large multinational, world leader in its segment. I lead a commercial team responsible for bridging the Product Management department with the Marketing teams through data analysis and project management.
    I practice guitar and piano and I’m also studying Swedish during the week. Besides that I go to concerts and music festivals a lot. Music is a major passion in my life, it’s my creative outlet and a source of strength for me.

    This all lead to me taking a break at the end of February when I simply could not run along with the guys I’ve been running with for years now. I could not manage their high demands for artifact traits and I could not join them on the intense schedule of 4 7pm-midnight raid nights + additional normal/heroic clears and M+runs outside of that. It got too much, I got frustrated and dropped out.

    Fast forward to today. The Tomb of Sargeras release grabbed my interest again and I’ve come to terms with the fact that my truly hardcore days (in terms of time investment) are over. My goal in this game hasn’t changed though, it’s still raiding, it’s still Mythic and it’s still getting as much out of it as I can, given my schedule, within a socially active community of fellow players.

    That’s why I’m here. I’m looking for this community.

    Previous Raiding Experience

    – My Warcraftlogs page summary, which didn’t exist when I took my break, does not update my character data. There are still logs to be found on my old guild page, but they are fairly outdated and mostly Normal/Heroic logs or EN/ToV Mythic logs. You’ll see that my bracket performance is generally in the range of the 85th-90th+ percentile.

    I’ll just list my previous raiding experience in bullet style, it’s been a long ride and I’ll try to keep it relevant. I mainly played Resto Shaman and Mage during those days, so I’ll list relevant classes as well.

    · Vanilla: all until 4 Horsemen in Naxx40 (Mage)
    ·TBC: cleared all (Resto Shaman)
    ·Wrath: cleared all (Resto Shaman)
    ·Cataclysm: cleared all (Resto Shaman, Mage)
    ·MoP: cleared until Mythic Thok, Lei Shen prior to SoO (Mage, Demo Lock in ToT and Resto Shaman in SoO)
    ·WoD: cleared until Mythic Zakuun (Resto Shaman, MM Hunter)
    ·Legion: cleared until my break at Spellblade Mythic (Resto Shaman, BM Hunter)

    During my Throne of Thunder days I was the raid leader of our group.

    I’ve played on 4 servers during all this time:

    ·Vanilla: Shattered Hand/Frostmane
    ·BC/Wrath/Cata: Stormrage
    ·MoP: Shattered Hand
    ·WoD/Legion: Ravencrest

    I basically stick around to friends and align with them where to go. Now is the first time where I might migrate to a different home.

    What am I looking for?

    I am looking for a cohesive, socially active guild that wants to clear Mythic content prior to nerfs. While that might not always be feasible, I am looking for a guild with that ambition.

    I’m looking for a guild that plays on a tight schedule of, at most, 3 raids per week starting at 8pm server time during week days and whenever in the weekend. Weekend raids are the easiest for me to attend, so weekend raiding guilds would be a huge plus for me.

    What can I offer you?

    While I’m behind on the gear curve compared to others, 7.2.5 has given me the ideal situation to catch up quickly and make sure I’m not holding others back.

    I can offer you a knowledgeable team player, a dedicated raider who is always prepared for the fight. I know my class, I know the fights and I know what it takes to raid. I know the slow grind of getting a strategy right, I know the long wipe nights and I know the loot droughts that might frustrate you.
    I also know the unique adrenaline rush of that first kill and the satisfaction of finally solving a fight and watching that coordinated effort take down the hard boss.

    I cannot offer you someone who is online all day. I cannot offer you 100% attendance because sometimes work/hobbies will get in the way.

    I do offer someone who is always respectful to others and is an honest, cooperative and drama-free individual. I offer someone who is always willing to improve, who loves to analyze his own performance to make adjustments and who is eager to learn.

    Finally I offer you someone who would like to be part of a guild, of a team, for the long term again. My Vanilla and BC->MoP days were characterized by being in a solid guild for multiple years. Those were my best days.

    Closing Comments

    If there’s anything else you would like to know, or would like to have a chat ingame or over voice comms, send me either a Bnet invite or a PM on the forums and we’ll make it work.

    Thanks for reading, hope to hear you soon.

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