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    These AdChoices ads are terrrible. They slow my browser to a crawl (on a very powerful dev workstation so it's not hardware). Please get rid of that nonsense.

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    If you can provide more specific information on the ads causing the problem, we have a thread already for murderin' bad ads:

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post

    Static Ad - What to do if you see something weird, offensive, or ugly:
    1. Right-click on the ad --> select ‘Properties’
    2. Copy & paste the ‘Location URL’
    3. Right-click on the ad --> select ‘Copy Link Location’ (Firefox) or ‘Copy Shortcut’ (Internet Explorer)
    4. Paste the URL (this is the click-through URL)
    5. Post these two URLs, along with the URL of the page where you saw the ad.

    The location URL and click-through URL will provide the image-hosting server (usu. the ad network) and any other information necessary to take action.

    Flash Ad - What to do if you see something weird, offensive, or ugly:
    1. Take a screenshot of the browser window (Alt+Print Screen… to the right of the F12 key)
    2. Post the screenshot along with URL of the page where you saw the ad
    3. Any other information you can provide will be helpful, such as which browser and which version of browser you were using, approximate number of pages you viewed on the web site before seeing the ad, and country from which the ad was viewed (if outside the United States)
    4. Ideally use the dev tools built into Firefox (Ctrl + Shift + I), Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + I), or IE (F12) to find the HTML of the ad. You can see an example of what to look for here.
    5. Grabbing the URL of a flash ad requires an add-on or tool to view the HTTP headers when a page loads. Given this, the easiest way to take action is for me to reproduce the occurrence. If you're using Firefox go in Tools > Page Info > Media, look for anything that says "Embed" on the right and do a right click > copy to report this address in your mail as well.
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