People can join groups whether set to public or private [Up to the creator.]. They can post blog posts, pictures, whatever as long as it stays on topic. The only issue I see here is how it would be able to be moderated.

Anyways here's an example:

Upon clicking the community button you can click groups under friends
Here it'll display all groups on Mmochampion
You can filter whether to browse public or private grps.

Example of a group:
[Insert picture here above name of grp]
Name of Group: Murlocks [Warlock Class and Murloc Fan Group]
Group Status: Public [Anyone can join]
# of members goes here]

If you join you'll be able to see whatever users post inside the group.

  • Increases social interaction
  • Puts you among people who share the same interests as you
  • Decreases thread spam of same topic [ex. Trump, WoW cinematics being released or new lore, new OW hero, etc]
  • Decreases chance of flaming/arguing since you're with "your flock of feathers".

  • Decreases needs for some thread topics
  • Some thread categories may begin to die out or completely die.