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    I love the thought and detail put into the environment, and I wish there was a PVE story mode to compliment it so I would have time to just go through and explore and learn about the different areas. Even if it's just a Winston flashback.
    If you want to explore it thoroughly, you could always make a custom game for yourself and set it to skirmish, and pending on if you can turn off the inactivity time or not, add HS only and an Ana bot or two which you can smack as needed while you go around exploring.

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    Dont like it tbh as Attackers its much harder and point B is very easy to defend.
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    In lower (under 3000) SR games I love using Torb and putting his turret here. For some reason people are sooooo headstrong about pushing the right side instead of going under my turret it's almost not even funny.

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    It's an interesting map in my opinion. You get close quarters fights on the points, and wider ones in the rest of the map, which require more strategy because there are so many ways to move around and surprise the enemy team. It does require more team coordination though, maybe that's why so many people hate it.
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