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    [A] Ret paladin and resto druid looking for guild!

    Hello everyone!

    We are 2 friends, looking for a semi hardcore progressing guild for ToS and future raiding content such as argus and more. I would like to join as a retribution paladin, and my friend as a restoration druid.
    My experience reaches far to mists of pandaria where I was killing bosses on heroic and further mythic, cleared whole siege of orgrimmar on mythic. My friend is a new player that gained a lot of experience, he is a great healer, see for yourself :-)
    We are focused on progress, currently we are in a second group in our guild only because officers can't throw out old people that struggle on most basic mechanics.
    If you want, we can switch servers, that's not a problem for us at all.
    We are looking for a guild that focuses on players, doesn't bench for no reason, and give's us a chance to shine in raids and m+ content.
    We are 9/9 NM ToS right now, first boss on hc down. We couldn't clear more because of the situation that is going on in the guild right now. You are benched for no reason.
    We can raid everyday besides friday and saturday. Tho, if this is going to be required and we will push something, we can manage time and come on these days.
    Motivation is key, and we are very motivated about what we are doing. We choosed our classes wisely, learn a lot and play a lot.
    My friend killed today goroth, mistress and the desolated host on heroic pug, he topped healing and played really good. He plays better than average 5 year exp player so

    If you have any questions, just ask :-)

    For our character profiles PW me.

    **I can switch to holy thus I have a strong offspec :-) So package of two healers.
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    Add me on bnet. Talmore#1126 I'd love to be able to talk to you about your plans and have the chance to give you some info about my guild

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    If you'd like to join a solid guild with strong roots (8 years and counting) that combines mythic progression (cutting edge each tier) with the drama free social experience of a friends and family guild, then look no further.

    Add me @ dénim#2292 and lets have a chat to get a feel for one another.

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