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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabray View Post
    Oh I agree 100%, it's insane it's been this long since a proper solo tank. We've had Varian, and we've had some reworks that made older heroes into solid solo warriors, but that's simply not good enough.
    I can kind of see why they've done it... Johanna is bordering on the perfect tank, where do you go from there?

    I'd still like to see them try though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoiseTank13 View Post
    New Diablo Skin- Brutablo.
    In before a Infested Diablo skin.

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    Stukov is infesting the Nexus! Tune in to tomorrow’s first HGC matches for his gameplay reveal and a dev interview.

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    Doing a thing right now, but I'll set up a proper thread soonish.
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    It is an christmas time in HOTS or what? We getting more and more heroes for what we wait for.

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    I know he almost certainly wont be a support, but I really wish he would be. Need more!!!
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