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    Guardian Druid / Ranged DPS LF Casual-ish Guild

    Hello, I main a guardian druid and am looking for a good home. I've been playing Legion without raiding, but I can't really enjoy the game fully without raiding and it keeps calling to me! I main a guardian druid, but I also have a hunter, mage, warlock, warrior, or DK I'd be willing to play.

    I took a raiding hiatus after the end of WoD from raiding. I was a progression raider from Vanilla through Cata. In that time we got to the 4 horsemen in Vanilla, world 39 Magtheridon, world 35 Lady Vashj, world 69 Kael'Thas, world 80 Illidan, world 86 M'uru, and we finished top 60 US (iirc) Dragonsoul. I have played as a DPS, healer, and tank. Most of the time in <Flavour Country>.

    I am looking to find a group that wouldn't begin raids until after 9pm central time as my schedule is kind of limited before then, but number of days doesn't really matter to me. I also have a pretty busy schedule with family and work so I'm not looking for racing for top mythic kills or anything, but I also don't want to just languish trying to beat normal modes for weeks either. I'm trying to find a good fit going forwards.

    battle.net phyltr#1909 if you want to talk

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    I added your btag! I don't know what server your on. We just started a new guild, and while it is new we have all been raiding together for months. We are casual, our raid times are very similar to what you are looking for, and they are flexible. My btag is lyndseyc555#1259.

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