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    WoW Patch 7.3 - Tier 21 Armor Sets

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    While some of these look fine on Humans, it sucks that they still make things around exclusively humans. The rogue hat looks horrid on any other race, same with the hunter and warrior set.

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    They look so impressive! Nice work blizzard!

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    Dat Rogue hat.

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    GG DKs, Monks and Shammies.

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    All sets are amazing... but the rogue one is a huge ¿¿WTF?? hahahahah

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    I see the red and black mage set, and all I can think of is, "Dormumumu! I have come to bargain!"

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    That druid set, the white one to be specific.

    The rogue set feels very out of place. While the Paladin and Warrior sets are just trash.
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    I do like that they added extra little visual differences between the Mythic versions of gear and the other versions, on top of the color difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyrathius View Post
    dat rogue hat.
    i need this
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    Ah jeez, that Rogue head piece looks so out of place. Nothing says subtle like a plume.

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    They all look good with 3D textures, then the rogue comes in with a horrible low res 2D set with high res shoulders. Really bad.

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    Seriously, why do monk-stuff have to have orbs in their orbs if you want orbs in your orbs?!

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    Rogue's set is clearly unfinished, it's missing a lot, but damn sets' themes/styles are solid.

    I REALLY dig warlock's new set, too bad I don't have a warlock T_T

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    Mage's tier has tunic instead of robe, finally!
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    I really like the rogue one. Looks like some crazy Bloodborne stuff.

    DK and priest look freaking incredible.

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    Paladin trash?

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    That priest set looks awful

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    God, please let the hunter set change before it goes live. We had a tier set with fins once before and almost no one liked it that time either. I do appreciate the fact that we have cool dimensional gloves and boots with stuff sticking off of them, but nothing about that set appeals to me. Also, the bear hat for druids looks more like a bear than the actual in-game bears do at this point, why. Also also, seconding what Utigarde said; please model and test things on something besides humans before you make them a thing in the game. I main tauren, and not only do at least half of the helms in the game look ridiculous on tauren, but the Thunderheart set - you know, the only real tauren-themed equipment in the entire game - has glaring issues with clipping with 75% of the horn options on both genders. Ugh, Blizzard.

    Also also part 2: Why another troll-themed set for shaman? Do a draenei set this time for god's sake, we're going to their home planet and everything, and I know from experience trying to transmog for a draenei shaman that it's really hard to find thematic armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amythist View Post
    I do like that they added extra little visual differences between the Mythic versions of gear and the other versions, on top of the color difference
    Been that way since the very 1st tier of WoD.

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    Warlock, HOLY FUCK. And the warrior shoulders imagined on a Tauren HOLY FUCK.

    The design team made something good again, finally.

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