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    it is nice that we finally drift more into the horrors of the 41st milennium. varimathras looks like a demon lord in the eye of terror, the rogue sports something which might resemble an apprentice inquisitor, the warlock has gothic-esque shoulders and a vile mask, the priest could look like the god-emperor himself..

    i really like the more serious approach to the horrors of the dark. bring it on!

    edit: oh, and the much cooler, bulkier armor! i like! it is so great that they begun to unflatten those textures and make the stuff look more 3d-ey.
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    Ah jeez, that Rogue head piece looks so out of place. Nothing says subtle like a plume.
    All the other sets look true-to-class, Warrior seems to be lacking a bit of pizzazz in the ol' colour palette.

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    DK > Warlock > Warrior > Mage

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    Quote Originally Posted by amythist View Post
    I do like that they added extra little visual differences between the Mythic versions of gear and the other versions, on top of the color difference
    It's been like that since WoD.

    Without the headpiece Mage looks great.

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    Dk set looks so sick!

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    warrior set looks like freaking space marine lol

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    i love all of them !

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    Sets obsly unfinished and without any polish. Specially the rogue one. Ill give an opinion when its actually done and not THE FIRST PTR BUILD

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    Rogue one makes me think of bloodborne. Kind of goes along with that one mount in a way.

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    I love the paladin set but I honestly wouldn't be upset if they redid the colors for the LFR one. That mustard color is unsightly.
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    Okay, I love the Priest, Warlock and Shaman sets but...

    Mage gets another Kirin Tor symbol set? Hunter gets another Naga on their head?

    These are my favorite classes, and they always get stuff like this. I am disappointed.

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    I like the priest and rogue sets, but in general I wish the art director would realize it's okay to use bright colors and not everything has to be muted. I think that's part of why so many people still use T1-T6 sets for transmog all the time (in addition to nostalgia).

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    Quote Originally Posted by meheez View Post
    DK > Warlock > Warrior > Mage
    When you say Warrior, you must mean the mythic version... because the rest of them looks like leveling gear.

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    Mythic Priest tier set... FRIGGIN' AMAZING!!!

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    they all look trash imho...

    monks have the same set for like 6th raid in row, paladins & warriors are just plain lol, mages its like they dont even care anymore (same goes for their class mounts), warlocks are just robe and random head cover, hunters rehash of ToT, actually theres alot of rehashed themes from ToT, shammies for example. These look simply terrible, one of the worst tier looking sets ever, and this is the first time I ever commented on tier sets, so its not like Im simply bashing in order to bash, I like the game overall and currently enjoy raiding ToS, but this is a huge letdown on blizz's part.

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    I don't understand why they have such awful color schemes all the time.

    Shaman mythic is sick. The rest are ruined because of god awful, unnecessarily bad color schemes.

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    DK, Warlock, Shaman and Druid and Priest look awesome, and I quite like the mage one too.

    The rest don't inspire me, but I don't think they're bad. Rogue one has a nice hat.

    People saying this is the worst looking tier ever have poor taste.

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    Mythic Priest set. I swear, I feel like switching my main to a priest just so I can get my hands on that sweet, sweet tier set graphics...
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    An NPC that could be a potential class. Yes.
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    You are actually saying Lightforged Draenei lose their ability to pilot a mech when arriving on Azeroth.
    Until otherwise indicated, that would be the indication.

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    I really hope they make the set transmog exclusive to the class. I hate seeing palas and warriors abusing the DK sets :P

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    Regarding the paladin set. There are item icons for gear that looks like turalyon so I wonder if that will be some sort of extra set for paladins

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