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    Paladins and Death Knights are clear winners this time around. But damn, did Rogues get shafted ...

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    That DK set is realllllly nice. I like them all, except the Warrior, which happens to be my main
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    im so disappointed with the sets.
    especially the priest and monk set... they are so bland and boring.
    the only good one is the dk set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JajaBongs View Post
    The design team made something good again, finally.
    They are all pretty ugly when you compare them to the real old ones, the design team is slacking or out of ideas sadly

    I really liked all sets but when WoD came out it all went downhill. (Warlock here)
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    Shaman set looks awesome, for the Rogue players, i hope the Rogue set is just an early draft because that is hideous, your money or your life Dick Turpin highwayman is so out of place its unreal.

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    Warlock, DK and Warrior mythic sets look amazing and their normal variant looks quite good as well. While i don't really like the other sets they do have parts that look amazing rogue, hunter and druid helmet look good.

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    Best Pally set I've seed around since T2! Nice work.

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    Hmm, i'd like the pally set if the shoulders wouldn't seem that out of place... increasing the size would probably fix that.

    Shaman set - troll inspired set, much alike the one from ToT
    Warrior set - now this IS a warrior set... looks like a friggin armored juggernaut for once!
    DK set - due to the humungous gloves and boots the shoulders seem rather small also
    Rogue set - i cannot help but think i saw this set before... somewhere...

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    Is anyone not seeing the similarity of reference to Destiny for the Warlock and Warrior tier? Warlock looks like it was influenced based on Xurr and Oryx having a baby while the warrior looks influenced based on on of the Defender sets.

    And rogue? What? drop your daggers and get ready for your first musical, it's bard time.

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    That warrior set is pretty boring (mythic somewhat ok-ish)

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    Mad props to the DK set. The warrior helm is pretty nice. I like the monk tier hat. And to carry on with the praise for helmets, the warlock helmet is sweet too, and I guess it fits the warlock mythic shoulders, ridiculous as they are otherwise. And I guess I can not directly hate the druidie hood.

    The priest shoulders looks like an overstuffed peacock. The rogue bandages clash way too hard with the shoulders, and I seriously don't like those shoulders (not at all rogue-like!). And I have no idea what the hell those tentacles on the mythic hunter is supposed to be. And is that demon hunter being choked by a demon hand as a shoulder set? And why is the shaman dressed up as an edgelord elephant with a feather hat?

    Everything else is incredibly bland. Mage and paladin is utterly forgettable for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teranzil View Post
    That DK set is realllllly nice. I like them all, except the Warrior, which happens to be my main
    The warrior set is so bad lol. Oh well, warriors have a lot of good looking sets, t20 the best one imo.

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    Normal rogue set kinda screams robin hood to me. The pally and dk set looks ballin though.

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    They look semi- dungeon sets honestly. Really lacklustre in design for me.

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    DK and Priest are perfect !! Mage si also nice, Rogue is cool, but it should look more like a pirate!!! Clear loser is a warrior Uninteresting design, boring colors,....

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    Why oh why can't we get a shaman set without a dress?

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    WTF ARE THESE SETS? They look fking horrible, seriously what is blizz thinking releasing these pieces of shit, just put me off mythic raiding for the rest of the xpac, I swear if blizz you release this shit I'm quitting this game, this looks like something you get at 110 starting set, this is disgraceful either fire your art department or come up with better ideas, ToS mythic gear was on point, but this??? you make us look like fresh 110's, this is absurd. please rethink this, because as a player for 12 years this has got to be the ugliest set i've ever seen.

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    Mage one needs to lose the luchador mask, and it will be awesome.

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    Iam a hunter.. what the F*, why do we wear a naga on a tier set from ARGUS HOMEWORLD OF THE LEGION! Do something freaking cool, lore wise fitting but not a NAGA FROM AZEROTH!

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    I think I'll just keep my warlock transmogs as-is for a while.

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