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    some of these look great. warlock especially

    on the other hand, paladin looks way too similar to tier 13. maybe other people notice other similarities?

    maybe this is why they're doing away with tier sets

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    Even if they try they can never go wrong with a lock set. As a hunter, with tons of shit looking set over the years, i must say i feel jealous. The hunter set is good this time (only the mythic ofc) priest and pala sets are gorgeous. As for the rogue set , well the problem with the hat is that it looks cool on humans but i doubt it will look great on other races

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    Most of the classes's mythic ones look slightly more glowy, but the Hunter one is almost completely different while the 3 others look far more generic.

    I guess it's nice to know that Blizz was willing to really put in the work it took to make the non-Mythic hunter items look like trash.
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    I'm so glad I don't play any of the classes that get "stick their head in an animal head" as an actual artistic design choice.
    The Warrior set seems underwhelming, especially after looking at that Warlock set. I hope we can get a lookalike somewhere for the other casters; that purple robe would be fantastic for Twilight Cult or Kirin Tor transmogs/RP. Just take off the other gubbinz and away you go.

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    whoever is in charge of designing monk tier sets should be fired asap for lack of fantasy , i can't distinguish if a set is new or expansions old

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    It would be really nice to get a DK set that wasn't dark blue skulls and death. Ugh.

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    Just another ugly cheap warlock's set...

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    Rogue Heroic and LFR are same set..... why do heroics????

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    what is up with those pants on DH heroic set? bad enough the little bit of color on the shoulders doesnt really match the rest of the set, but the pants just straight up came from a different set it looks like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcastard View Post
    Rogue Heroic and LFR are same set..... why do heroics????
    thats a mistake. same for the DH, this site shows normal and heroic the same but they are not like that in actual game.

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