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    915 Holy Priest LF 1 Night Heroic Raid


    I started playing very early in vanilla and played through most of WotLK. During that time I always managed to clear all content with the exception of original Naxx. I started playing again in WoD very casually and started doing some raiding again in Legion. I have managed to PUG my way to AOTC in each raid tier thus far.

    I am looking for a guild that either only raids one night per week or would be open to allowing me to only raid one night per week. Heroic raids are my focus as I don't feel I have the ability to raid the required amount of time for mythic. I am open to transferring and even potentially a faction change is the fit is right. I would prefer raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and would like raid times to range somewhere from 8PM EST to 12AM EST.

    If you have any questions or you are interested in having a chat you can reply here or message me on BattleNet Seditio#1690.

    I can't post links but you can look me up Seditia on Cho'gall.


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    Still looking!

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