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    911 rogue LF Mythic raid team

    I'm a 911 rogue that can play Sin/Sub (have concordance in both). I have 8/9 Heroic ToS exp and 8/10 mythic NH exp. I'm been returning to the game recently and I'm LF a mythic progression oriented guild.

    Alliance preference. Raid times that start at 9pm EST or later.


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    still looking

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    914 now? lol, still looking

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    Hi everyone<Boss Inc> a Semi Hardcore guild was formed by friends who have been raiding together for the last ten years! As time goes on things change and life happens. We still want to raid just not seven days a week lol. We formed this guild for just that reason fun in moderation. So that being said feel free to toss an app up and join us.

    Currently 3/9H 9/9N ToS

    Raid Times
    Thur-Fri 7-11pm server

    (All exceptional apps will be considered)
    dps in general
    shadow priest
    Ele Shaman

    Shaman resto
    Pally Resto

    Feel free to contact myself or another officer in game .

    Grampz Lead Recruitment officer
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    Rise Again is recruiting for our Tomb of Sargeras raid team. We are looking for players that understand mechanics, know how their class functions in a raid team, and having positive attitude is a must.

    Raid Times:
    Saturday: 11:00pm-1:00am Server
    Sunday: 11:00pm-1:00am Server

    Current Progress:
    10/10 N Nighthold
    10/10 H Nighthold
    8/9 N ToS

    Current Needs:
    Rdps: All Range DPS Except Shaman and Priest
    Mdps: Case by case basis
    Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, MW Monk
    All strong players are encouraged to join and compete for a spot.

    Additional info: Logs would be very helpful to a fast process, but not necessary. If you are an exceptional player just short trial to determine knowledge and experience.

    If you have any questions please contact me here or in game. If i'm not on message anyone in guild and they will direct you to an officer.

    Rakof; BT: CruelAvenger#1844
    Gm: Falindis; BT: TankAdin#11114
    Officers: Grizzly; BT grizzly22#1193, Shotov, Banetsp, Rakof, Gucciburst; BT: gucci#1411
    <Rise Again>
    Area 52

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    Edge of Aggression (Uldaman) is seeking a few core raiders to fill out a Mythic-bound raid team. We're currently 8/9 H.

    We completed EN with cutting edge, TOV/NH with ahead of the curve, ended NH as 4/10 mythic.

    Times: Tu/Wed/Sun 9PM-12AM EST

    What we look for in our raiders:
    Takes the initiative to research fights / mechanics and their class. They strive to play consistently well.
    Ability to learn from mistakes and take constructive criticism. We have a history of members helping each other out.
    A positive attitude -- at the end of the day we're all on the same team, and consistent negativity will not be tolerated.
    Raid awareness and adaptability.
    Working voice comms. We currently use Discord.

    If this sounds like your cup of tea, please fill out an application at teameoa.com or contact: Jandrosaurus#1956 or Skorn#1761

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    Hey Imkilo,

    I know you said alliance preferred but thought I'd leave some info on us.

    Guild: Reign [H]
    Servers: Thunderlord Connected - Azgalor, Azshara, Destromath
    Progression: 8/9 H ToS (H KJ 17%, M Goroth 36%)

    Raid days: T/W 830-1130 CST, M (optional)

    Our guild is a tight group of players where we are always chatting up discord and running normal and alt raids, as well as mythic + runs daily.

    Hit me up if you'd like to talk: lettuceflow#1132

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    Guild/Server: [US] Sriracha (Dragonmaw-Akama-Mugthol)
    Faction: HORDE
    Raid Times/Days: Tues-Wed Progression 8pm-11pm PST Server Time. Thursday or Mon is Normal/Mythic +
    Goal: Have fun while being successful with Heroic/Mythic Progression in Tomb of Sargeras. Analyze mistakes , provide constructive criticism, and down bosses. Our core is very strong, just need a few strong players to complete Mythic Team.
    Cleared: ToS 9/9 N, 6/9 Heroic
    Recruitment Officer:
    DISCORD:: Woodsy#2187
    Battle.net ID- Woodsy#1968
    Needs: Accepting all strong players to round out mythic team

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