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    Resto Druid Mythic+

    I'm just wondering whats everyone's setup for Mythic+15 dungeons for resto druids
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    Talents - Generally the same talent setup as in raids - CW/Cultivation/Flourish are a given. Germination is all but mandatory in M+. If you're going to be doing a lot of extra DPS, Feral Affinity over Guardian Affinity, and take whatever T60 talent is best for your setup/instance (usually Typhoon).

    Legendaries - Velens/Prydaz is my preferred setup. You could also argue for using the belt over Prydaz to save you GCDs on tank healing and let you DPS more.

    Stats - Mastery is by far the strongest stat for healing throughput. However, it's the only one of the 4 that add nothing to DPS output, so it all really depends on how much you care about max HPS output vs how much time you spend DPSing. I personally don't think it's worth bothering switching gems/enchants around from your raiding setup if just doing a 15, and for RDruids, illvl almost always trumps itemization as a general rule.

    T19/T20 - T20 is really weak for M+, because outside of some boss fights, you're not standing in Efflo for 30 secs, and your party (at least unless running 2+ melee) is often too spread out to take full advantage. T19 isn't that great either really, because you can easily have full Rejuv coverage on the party when you want/need it, reducing the value of those extra Rejuv procs significantly. T19 2pc is the only set bonus that I think is particularly impactful in 5 mans.

    Ilvl - I would think you are going to want your party to be approaching ~915 ilvl to be able to comfortably do a 15 depending on instance/affixes. Healer ilvl is a not less critical than DPS though.

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    If you push for real, as 20s++ after the patch, Guardian affinity is a must and you might want Inc for stuff like Mariners with Forty+raging or Forty+ grievous.

    With grievous abundance+germi works great.

    There are many viable talents; try to pick those who are more suited for your comp, dungeon, and affixes.

    As bad as it is, T20 is better then T19 unless volcanics; and with velen + prydaz/belt you can still retain your 2pcT19 (beast in m+) with the new set.

    p.s.: if your tank really needs the belt and CW, find another one or downgrade the key.

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    I just made a 5-man guide video for resto addressing a lot of your concerns. A lot of 5-man healing talent builds are dictated by personal opinions but I like to play with "Regrowth Heavy Build" with abudance/MoC for single-target affixes such as skittish. I also have a more "aoe healing build" with flourish for weeks with quaking/bursting etc

    Tier 19 v Tier 20 basically comes down to -
    (tier 19 2 set) is good &
    (tier 20 4set) is better than tier 19 4set for most occasions in 5-man content.

    The video is here if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0COheOc9BSg

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    I'm not a confirmed M+ grinder, mostly just doing +15 for weekly chest, sometimes a few more with friends.

    CW / Displacer / Guardian / Bash / ToL / Germination / Flourish
    It all comes to personal preference, I really like having incarnation:broccoli (ToL) for annoying trash packs or hard hitting bosses.

    Dark Titan's Advice - a bit of a raffle, but it seems like nothing beats it for tank healing right now
    Prydaz - lifesaver against fortified Pelters in NL and such

    ~20% mastery makes healing higher M+ more comfortable for me

    T20 4pc + T19 2pc works really nice. Problem is weakauras doesn't seem to properly follow Swiftmend cooldown while it's being reduced by T20 2pc, sometimes it doesn't trigger at all, anyone else have this issue?
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    Still think people underestimate the power of Abundance for burst damage areas.
    You don't need to worry about mana really in M+ as the fights aren't long enough so you can spam your 100% crit chance regrowths to get people up quickly before the next huge damage bursts.
    Most issues i have when doing higher keys as resto is the burst damage the dps players tend to take where hots just don't get them up quick enough and Swiftmend only works on one player.

    It's rare that it's tank damage that's the issue so CW i don't find nearly as valueable in M+ i must say.
    I run Shoulders+Belt or Helmet+Belt legendaries at the moment depending on instance - belt takes care of all the tank healing.
    Prydaz if really needed but bearform tends to make stuff surviveable without.
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    abundance+germ is definitely the way to go; tank healing normally isn't a struggle in m+, but responding to semi-random spike damage is and abundance helps a lot with that. In a lot of runs the crit chance on my regrowth is near 100%

    I would still probably stick with flourish though

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    Abundance is definitely a viable option and very useful depending on the weeks affixes.

    I'm currently using 2pc T19, 2pc T20 and a lot of high ilvl items. 915 equipped and clearing 15s is relatively comfortable.

    Prydaz + Velen's works great.

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    Abundance and germi works great with quaking too; you can go for healing touch (!!!!!) when you are in danger of a spell lock out.

    I honestly think abu+germi > cw.

    Again, if you need cw and belt you need to look for another tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saradonin View Post
    T20 4pc + T19 2pc works really nice. Problem is weakauras doesn't seem to properly follow Swiftmend cooldown while it's being reduced by T20 2pc, sometimes it doesn't trigger at all, anyone else have this issue?
    Try remaking the aura while wearing the 2pc and casting it once, it probably becomes a different spell id than the normal swiftmend

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    After several mythics with grievous affix, Abundance with Germination is invaluable. Unless you are seriously undergeared mana is not an issue so you can spam regrowth all day long. You will be running at least-4-5 rejus at any given time, you are always guaranteed a crit regrowth. Also regrowth will almost always be cast on a target with at least one hot and that means mastery bonus to regrowth. It also leaves a hot, which means any hots applied will be more powerful. It will also leave living seed since its almost a guaranteed crit.

    I have 910 ilvl . On Moroes M+13 Karazhan I was oom at the very end of the fight so you can say it was perfectly timed. Between pulls, I mana potted and innervated when possible. This kept mana at comfortable levels (%50 - %75) without stopping for a mana break. Also maybe I got hit by the baroness mana drain at the start of the fight since we nuked without cc. That may be the reason for oom.

    Even without the grievous affix, I think I will run Abundance with Germination for M+ dungeons.
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    Prydaz, lady and the child(double target moonfire), double dps trinkets(I run 900arans ruby and 910fury of burning sky), abundance(100% crit regrowth+living seed), incarnation tree, germination, ironbark. Feral affinity and guardian affinity i switch depending on specific dungeons on tyranical(unavoidable boss abilities) or fortified(unavoidable trash abilities).

    Both incarnation and ironbark are flexibility tools to deal with damage patterns, very few M+ require the long sustain throughput out of procing of cultivation, tree is much better spike throughput to deal with(and recover from) dungeon burst specifics.

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh, displacer beast 100% of the time every spec, every raid, every dungeon other than eye of azshara fortified when you take wild charge to swapblaster up cliff and skip cave + double giants without wasting dps pots on invis.

    Typhoon 100% of the time(but i also run with a hunter and binding shot always).

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    All of this advice is solid. I will add that if you're doing a hard dungeon, and you're spending most of your time actively healing instead of having the opportunity to DPS, Guardian affinity Frenzied Regen can do massive self healing while you move out of bad on the ground, saving you precious gcd's to heal other low health targets. I picked up the trick from other druids while getting my Mage Tower Artifact skin in the early days of it first coming out before ToS, and for the mage tower, the mana saved was invaluable. This skill translated very well into Mythic+ and raiding.

    Alternatively, if you're healing a lower dungeon just to boost up a key or to help a friend, Cat form + Sephuz Secret + Mass Entanglement will give you crazy sustained pack dmg. Mass Entanglement is on a 30 sec CD, which lines up perfectly with the cd on Sephuz. The boosted haste will both give you amped up regen letting you spam swipe, or increased movement speed to avoid mechanics. The t20 4pc will also let you drop a swiftmend to empower the efflo circle while you swap into cat form and can dps to your hearts content, weaving in and out to apply Sunfire/Moonfire, and to refresh Rejuvs or spot heal someone that got low.

    In a good group, on a key below 9 I rarely have to commit to healing full time outside of certain keys or bad luck. Post 10, things usually require me playing defensively and I swap over to Guardian affinity for the convenience, at least for Tyrannical. For fortified it depends on the group and the dungeon and the affixes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saradonin View Post
    I'm not a confirmed M+ grinder, mostly just doing +15 for weekly chest, sometimes a few more with friends.
    T20 4pc + T19 2pc works really nice. Problem is weakauras doesn't seem to properly follow Swiftmend cooldown while it's being reduced by T20 2pc, sometimes it doesn't trigger at all, anyone else have this issue?
    Do you have some weird custom WA for swiftmend? Mine works perfectly fine. My WA tracks the cooldown progress of swiftmend so it shouldn't matter if it's reduced or not.
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    If i run with guildies I don't really care what I use as just do one or two runs per week to get the chest, and the run is normally boring, unless close to 20, but idc pushing keys, just randomly could be 17 or 19 when I'm synched up with guild runs.
    50%+ of the time I pug though, just when I have time to quickly compete a run for the weekly chest. I use velen's and belt as legos and change talents to moc and abundance, also I used to equip 2pcs of t19 for mastery buff, but now I'm around 955 so it does not make much sense. Also change to grand design trinket. Hope it helps.

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    Same raid talents, including germination is mandatory for m+ you need that extra hot to help keep the raid alive. Cenarion Ward is huge for tank healing. I would use pyrdaz and the chest perhaps? Sephuz on a fight you can reliably proc it , I.E. Helya (maw of souls.) When you use Velens, you do gain some damage from the huge int increase but you are losing a lot of HP keep that in mind if you are running high keys.

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