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    Class Hall Followers

    Hey all,

    was just wondering if there is any class hall follower guide on which followers I should have and what equipment slots I should be using on each on,

    ive tried looking around but I haven't found anything so far.

    anyone have an idea?


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    I'm guessing this doesn't exist?

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    I've seen the "ideal follower setup" sheet somewhere in other post. But nothing mentioning the followers gear

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    I used to follow this: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comment...yo&sh=491265a0

    However I got tired of missions taking so long to complete, so I put a saddle, success chance on 4 hours or less missions by 40% and flat 10 or 15% success chance on every champion except my bodyguard(Meatball). I 200% stuff pretty easily still, and even if the mission doesn't end up going under 4 hours, a mission that would take over 24 hours to complete gets knocked down to less than half a day usually, AP/rep token/gold missions tend to be around 3-6 hours instead of 8+ now.

    With Meatball I got lucky with the legendary follower equipment from the command center buff(chance on AP token + resources, chance on AP token + gold, gold). I know he has good success chance on missions but at the same time, I only really make him run a mission if it's an elite strike mission to ensure at least 100% success(usually by himself even with bodyguard equipment).

    My active champions are:

    Delas, Arator, Moroes, Maximillian, Meatball(bodyguard), Julia, Tyrosus.

    Maximillian usually brings just about any mission to 200% if he's paired with literally anyone but Meatball for me, and the only counters I really watch for are ones that increase mission time and mission cost.
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