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    Horde 910 Enhance Shaman LF guild

    Armory: Funky @ Tichondrius

    Looking to get back into heroic/mythic raid progression but not interested in guild politics or your BS. We can be friends but I'm too old for elitist cucks so don't waste our time.

    I know how to play my class. I don't stand in [email protected]#$ unless needed, I have a mic, I'm vocal and not autistic.

    Post below with your raid times, current progression and contact info. I'm not going to an external website to apply.

    Sorry for being so blunt, if it offends you then I'm probably not a good fit. I'm just looking to help you progress and get loot. I'm interested in beating the game, not wasting time.

    I'm very big on respect, if you respect me I'm going to respect you and we are going to have a great time.

    I don't want to change servers.

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    I already have my t20 4p

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    Hi everyone<Boss Inc> was formed by friends who have been raiding together for the last ten years! As time goes on things change and life happens. We still want to raid just not seven days a week lol. We formed this guild for just that reason fun in moderation. So that being said feel free to toss an app up and join us.

    Raid Times
    Thur-Fri 7-11pm eastern server

    (All exceptional apps will be considered)
    dps in general
    shadow priest
    Ele Shaman

    Shaman resto
    Pally Resto

    Feel free to contact myself or another officer in game .

    Grampz Lead Recruitment officer

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    [Myth of Mortals]

    About Us:
    US - Tichondrius - Horde
    We are a newly formed guild looking for dedicated core members for a raid team. We are progression oriented while making sure we still have fun. Experience does not matter so much, so long that you have an eager attitude and willingness to learn. While we would also love to have players for Vanilla and who know all the ins and outs of this game. Raiding is the main focus, but Rated/Casual pvp and Mythic+ groups will also have a place in our guild.

    900+ ilvl
    Basic Understanding of your Class
    Basic Understanding of a Raid Environment
    Basic addons like DBM, and a Damage Meter

    Raid Schedule:
    6 PM - 9 PM PST
    Friday + Saturday
    Attendance is IMPORTANT, but we also understand real life comes up

    Guild Goals + Objectives:
    Scheduled and Routine Raid Events
    Tight-Knit group where everyone is cool and helpful
    Mythic+ Guild Groups
    Rated/Casual PvP Events
    Have a Good Time

    We lack the members to do a guild run
    I personally have N 9/9 ToS and H 7/9 ToS Experience
    Everyone in the guild has cleared Normal ToS and has done limited Heroic

    We need Tanks/Dps/Heals

    Voice Chat
    We have a guild Discord with many rooms so multiple groups/people can be doing different things

    If interested here is our "CONTACT INFO"
    Slydra#1434 - GM
    Zasuke#11979 - Officer
    Credit#11394 - Officer

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