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    Dude we are ferals and we are going to still playing him even if he is in the shit, blizzard did not help us because it's really unpopular i think. The changes are good and bad, the damage increase is really op but they nerf all the good talents and "Savage Roar moved to lvl 90 row. (from lvl 75 row)
    Brutal Slash moved to lvl 90 row. (from lvl 100 row)" really¿? was it necessary, the fcked in our aoe damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satori sartori View Post
    literally who?
    idk lol

    I just post my opinion on some topic every 4-5 days on the forums. He just quoted me, so he said so. Doesn't mean I'm anyone important. Calm down. xD

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    Boots + BT + BS + JW is going to be awesome for Mythic+

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