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    Why play a paladin?

    Title is the question. Why do you play a paladin?

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    Because you like holy spells but don't want to wear a dress

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    To purge Azeroth of all that is unworthy of the Light's grace? Obviously.
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    You are the all-grinding, all-farming crap of Azeroth.

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    Tank and Heal specs usually have a good toolkit and the clear favoritism that Druids get annoys me.

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    because mw is not a spec anymore and all other healers are fall asleep tier

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    Sexy armor sets and the whole "Holy warrior" thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sakpoth View Post
    I find it unreasonable to ask for other than obvious reasons, when the reason obviously is the obvious reason.

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    I like throwing frisbees.

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    Warcraft 3 Arthas and in rpgs I always go for warriors with self heal capability.

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    I'm a masochist.
    Xmogging favorites in order from left to right.

    Paladin > Demon Hunter > Monk > Death Knight > Warlock > Druid > Hunter

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    Because I've been playing one for 12 years and every expansion I try to re-roll leads to the inevitable "what have I done?" moment 6 months in as I scramble to get the Paladin back up to speed

    Honestly, as an overall class, I prefer my Monk. WW and MW are an awful lot more enjoyable than Ret/Holy. Still prefer Prot over BM, but I don't tank pugs and pugging is life these days.

    So, why do I play a Paladin? OCD issues around main changing....

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    1) Some of the best xmog in-game
    2) Tank, dps, and healing in one class, all three easy to perform well at
    3) Captain fuckin' Merica throwing my shield
    4) Unique and iconic spells and toolkit
    5) Been healing on a pally since MC
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    Melee healer. Also bubble. Also wtb BoP glyph that would once against make BoP stop physical attacks so i can once again piss off our rogue
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    Because my dwarf is fabulous!

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    1. Captain America
    2. Wings
    3. Tyrion and Turalion
    4. Hammering foes
    5. I like loggin on MMO-C and cry my arse out about nerfs and terribad gameplay : ret pali is a guaranteed class for that.
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    Because... paladin?

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    I think the real question you should be asking, is "Why not play a Paladin?"

    Obviously not to us. We all play Paladins.

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    Been a Prot Paladin since TBC and this expac I went Ret (I know right, picked a great fucking time to try Ret finally). I just like the aesthetic and the idea of being a guardian of the Light n stuff. I play a pretty good Paladin in D&D where roleplaying actually matters and it's just my niche. I like being the "hero" and saving everyone lawful good-like. Kicking doors and smiting evil, that's how I roll.

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    I'm a sucker for all things glowy with wings and halo and sparkle and gold and light and stuff.
    Also, bubble. Melee healer who smacks shit. Wings. Melee bubble. Hand of Everything.
    Did I mention wings?



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    I have been looking to play a paladin for a long time, but the gameplay/rotation is what puts me off, whenever i ask someone they go "Its terrible until you get some gear) (not very fun, few buttons). Is this true? As i find paladin very aesthetically pleasing and the attacks looks great

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    I loved retribution and protection paladin during WOD and MOP but i hate what they did to it for legion.

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