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    I like the lore and story behind paladins. The class fantasy is pretty fantastic main reason i switched back to paladin after maining monk for so long I didn't want to be a gimmick and story is a huge reason for me to be invested in anything

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    Becuase I played WC 3 thoroughly when I was a kid and Paladin was my favorite class.

    Couple that with Ashbringer lore and LOLRET

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    Retribution was basically the only Meele/Range hybrid before Legion destroyed it and i liked that playstyle.

    Danke Merke... Blizzard

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    Played paladin since Vanilla and had been 'Captain America' until Warlords then played as a 'lazy' damage dealer after.

    Mainly because we are a noble holy warriors who are protecting others and standing firm at Bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobor View Post
    Played paladin since Vanilla and had been 'Captain America'
    Funny you should mention that...

    I love Protection. I've never been able to heal well as a paladin (and I've been healing on both priest, druid and shaman for years) and Retribution isn't really fun for me, so Protection it is. I LIKE throwing my shield around, like Captain America. In fact, I like it so much that I named my second paladin Murica and gave him the title of Captain.

    Captain Murica, throwing his shield.

    Oh yes, I've had comments when doing dungeons and raids. Lots of them. But they are so worth it!
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    Paladin was one of my favorite heroes in Warcraft 3. And now i can play like Hammerdin Crusader in Diablo.

    "We are not here to cause chaos, we are here to inhabit this foolish land of humanity and defeat all that oppose us!"

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    Why? Because it was the preferred choice of my GM friend when I went back to my old server to fill the niche in raidingsince no one else played ret (and still doesn't). Otherwise pally has always been a main alt class for me, kinda sick playing it an entire expansion. Usually I main leather classes, wanted to do DH but too many of them, and rogue was off server.

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    No fething idea.
    (Don't) be a Martyr.
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    "Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for I'm the most holy pally in the valley"
    That's why I play a pally the one and only true class!

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    Heavy plate, big weapons, 3 roles, and some shiny, godly powers.
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    Plate Armor, Priest healing, and mage DPS on unresistable damage.

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    My hubby has played a pally since vanilla. This xpac we decided to try different classes since we came back from a long break. I rolled a pally to heal - I've played a resto druid since vanilla. Turned out I wasn't needed for healing so I ended up ret I've been enjoying it.

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    Started in Classic with a mage. Lvled the char to 60, but decided than to roll with a pally...played the character almost 7 years. I loved it. And after a 2-3 year WoW break i started experimenting with new classes and i regret not sticking with my pally after the break. Now i need to lvl him and make him mythic rdy asap

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    Class fantasy of the knight in shining armor saving princess and slaying dragon.

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    More hammertime, hammers all around and in the foes' face too.
    Class fantasy, especially BC-era blood knights as a twist on the trope.
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    Well yeah lore maybe?.... For every other reason, NOPE.

    I gave up on my pally for a warrior, best decision ever, aint going back to that slowmoving and slowpaced gameplay. Possibly if guild needs a healer but then I rather play on my priest... Pally has been shelved forever now, which is sad as it's been my main in 4 expansions but enough is enough, we've never been worse imo (dps-wise).

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    Quote Originally Posted by devla View Post
    Because you like holy spells but don't want to wear a dress
    Most accurate description I've ever heard of a Paladin.

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    Holy paladin babe. For ever and ever and ever

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    HI, my 1st post.

    I played Paly because of Blood Elf, Started my wow journey in TBC

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