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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    I've always been asking for at least an AI to help.

    In comp modes in MOBAs, you're given one. Granted, the AI is dumbed down
    to the point of being virtually useless, but at LEAST its another body that can
    Overwatch maximum AI are dumb as posts but have terrifyingly good aim. One of my friends recently started playing so we had him practice against some bots on max difficulty... I was getting pegged out of the air as Pharah by the AI zenyatta landing three consecutive headshots from 50m away. Repeatedly.

    At any rate, as to the OP, I'm sure a fair bit of it has to do with the fact that people don't want to be backfill for teams that, ostensibly, are losing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Excellent idea! As long as the mid-game joiner get no rating loss if they lose its fine!

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