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    Healing comp questions about resto from an outsider.

    Hey druids, I am a holy paly from a casual guild that gets about half the mythic bosses down each tier before the next. I say that for perspective so you know where on the casual-to-hardcore scale we land and the difficulty/healing requirement of the fights in question. We currently have what I consider to be a very tight knit group of healers that consist of me (hpal), a very talented disc priest, and a shaman. We also have injected 2 resto druids into the roster over time. I do believe are talented, however as a unit we dont really know how to help them improve and/or how to effectively use them.

    For example as a paly I tend to take care of tanks, puke on melee, and deal with spot healing. Aura mastery gives me a big 3 minute jam. The disc can do insane raid burst when he sets his attonements up and peppers in light healing outside of that. And the shaman has raid stabalization stuff and is pretty efficient with his spells.

    Enter the druids. It is rare we run both of them at the same time, we usually run the 3 of us plus one of the trees and it feels like they have zero presence outside of tranq. What I am trying to get at is how do we, as a healing unit use the druids? Is there advice I can give them? Are there situations that we should be sitting back because the druids have the tools to best handle things? An example that came up was hydrashot. The 3 of us do our thing and we count on a druid for tranq... but what about outside of that? Ill post our logs below from tuesday. Hopefully you guys can give me something because right now it feels like we three heal with an extra tranq and fights going into mythic which we are about to start are probably going to suck if that keeps up.

    Thanks in advance druid community. Any advice is appreciated.

    All guild logs

    Last raid logs

    Rdruid 1s logs

    Rdruid 2s logs


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    Just a quick look. Neither has T19 which is the strongest for Heroic prog, and only one has T20 and its not 4pc.

    To see them excel you either need to go back and feed them 4PC T19 and have them use leg shoulders, or get them both 4pc T20 asap.

    After getting T20 you will need to maximize strats that put folks standing clumped.

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    What makes a good resto druid is their ability to predict damage and have HoT's rolling before damage comes out, reducing the time it takes to stabilize the raid after dangerous bursts. They can let other healers breathe easier in heavy movement phases and are excellent at efficiently healing sustained damage over time:

    ST examples: Mistress's "Consuming Hunger" or KilJaeden's Armageddon soak debuff
    AoE examples: Maiden's channel phase

    Generally speaking, the easier a fight is, the less HPS you will see out of a druid as other healers are more capable of "sniping" the healing.
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    Pretty much the usual stuff RDruids do wrong.

    Terrible Lifebloom uptime:
    Muppets - 4.96% on Sisters, 14,5% on Mistress, 8,8% on Maiden
    Thedanmac - 48% on Harjatan, 65% on Maiden
    It should be >90% all the time.

    Bad Efflo uptime:
    Muppets - 16,7% on Mistress
    Thedanmac - 41% on Mistress
    While not the ideal spell for most of the ToS encounters due to movement, it still has pretty good [mana spent]/[amount healed] ratio.

    Going OOM yet not a single leytorrent potion has been used. Same goes for 2nd Innervate, and even when used it's pretty much wasted on Rejuv spam, while it's best lined up with WG, refreshing Efflo, then Rejuv spam. If potion doesn't help they might want to consider Darkmoon Deck Promises as it's the strongest mana trinket for RDruids right now.

    Small cooldowns (especially Ghanir and Velen) could be used more often as well.

    Plus they probably don't know you as well as you know each other. Team healing is about knowing each other strengths and weaknesses, knowing when to slack because co-ohealer gets the job done better and faster, and when to pull your weight and carry others as well.
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    First of all, drop a healer or two if you want to see what the resto druids are "made of" in HC. +40% overheal on most of your healers, hard for a hot based healer to do anything in a scenario like that.

    I took a closer look at Thedanmac . I don't know on what basis you have recruited him on but.. I looked through some of his NH logs and he has 2T20. At some point he had 3 pieces, does he have 4 pieces? He have a 910 T19 head and 895 T19 chest. Our 4T20 is very strong together with the legendary shoulders, which he have. He should definelty not swap out 4T19 + shoulders for 2T20. Did he loot the shoulders after the raid with you guys? He has them on his armory at the moment.

    The logs that I've checked are the ones from the latest raid.

    Before you gave him some loot during the run his stats were 20% crit, 50% haste and 30% mastery. He should try to balance out his stats, at least for when you guys are heading into mythic.

    He's also using Charm of the Rising Tide as one of his trinkets. It has some potential if you pair it up with for example our artifact ability. On Harjatan he does this but not on Mistress so I didn't bother to check any more fights. He also used Aluriel's Mirror throughout Nighthold which is quite bad. He could have went with a stat stick trinket instead.

    Overall he's quite bad at using his cds. He has 9 cast of Essence of G'Hanir over 6 kills (it has a 1.5min cd and increase the frequence that our hots ticks). He has used flourish 12 times (1 min cd and increase the duration of our hots). You've been in combat for a little over of 32 minutes throughout all of your kills. He used Innervate 8 times (3 min cd). You are able to get at least two casts of per fight.

    He uses renewal (heals the druid for 30% of his hp) as a talent instead of displacer beast (a blink). I don't really see why you wouldn't want the mobility of displacer beast of renewal. Even though he opts for renewal instead he has only used it 4 times (it has a 1.5 min cd). He also has Velen's (give it to me) and has only used it 15 times (1.25 min cd).

    He have a 61% uptime of lifebloom across all kills. As someone else said it should be above 90%.

    However, his wild growth and cenarion ward useage is decent.

    I don't know if he feels that he doesn't need to heal and therefore is slacking, since your running at least 1 healer to many. Can he step it up when it comes to mythic?

    By looking at his cooldown usage/spell distribituion/gear choices (both now and in the past) he has a lot of areas to improve in. If you decide to keep him send him over to the resto druid discord have have him go through all the links in the pins. Is he by any chance new to the game? At least as a healer or resto druid?
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    Thedanmac is getting good parses for healer dps which is kinda what he should be doing when overhealing bosses and not trying to snipe pad healing numbers, dpsing while still having extra throughput to contribute when needed.
    A disc priest has the same sort of setup as a druid for burst damage but then faster burst healing after the setup, sniping what would usually be rdruid primary output times. A good disc priest nerfs a rdruid.

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    My experience with Danmac came from EN, ToV where i was blood tanking. I admit a large part of the reason I came to you guys is that while Ive played wow off and on since vanilla my experience healing is much more limited and pretty exclusively hpal. In EN and ToV the group we ran with was down a healer pretty much always and so maybe that extra room let him flex a little bit and do less over healing? He just doesnt appear to be performing to the level i remember him being capable of 9 months ago.

    Also regarding the t19 vs 20 and leggos (lets say gear in general), I usually expect my guys to know what they need and what to wear, for instance my disc priest told me basically he wont wear t20 untill he can swap out all 4 pieces so... we waited till last week 4 and then gave him priority on the pieces he needed. It sounds like druids are in the same boat but I guess I assumed they would be aware not to flip to tier 20 before they had the right stuff. And ill make an effort to get them the pieces they need.

    Thanks so much for the lesson. If you think of anything else let me know. Hopefully heroic kj/mythic will give us the breathing room to see what these guys are really made of since the damage should be ramping up. I just really like my healers to be on their A game as we are kind of the backbone of our raid core and i take pride in our ability to perform well- so seeing someone struggle, i just want to be able to help them get back to where we need to be.


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