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    [Balance] Statweight confusion.

    Hello folks!

    So, everywhere i go to get advice and guidelines for gearing as a balance druid states that mastery is the king of the hill.
    Whilst simulating my own char i found that my statweight are as follows:


    Armory Link: Not allowed to post links
    Char name: Kiseko
    Realm: Stormscale
    Region: EU

    I can't figure out what is f*cking up my statweights like this.
    Im thinking that it might be terror from below and a sh*t legendary setup. but im no expert at breaking theese thing down.

    Could anyone help me figure it out?
    Cheers in advance

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    Stat weights change based on what stats you already have. Due you probably already having a ton of mastery other stats have gained more value.

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    Not really the case.. im currently at 10,4 k mastery and a mate of mine is at 14 k. he still gets mastery as his highest weighted stat.

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    The thing is that your mate maybe got better gear than (stat wise) so he got more mastery AND haste and that way the sim will value mastery more over Haste, due to mastery is better dps wise, but you still want haste around 30% (I pref that anyway). So the best way is to go after your own sim and try to sim every new gear piece that you get (I know it's boring, but it's the best)

    EDIT: I did take a look at your gear vs mine, and I have more Mastery and Haste than you (27% haste and 81% mastery (we do even have the same ilvl)) and less Crit (15%), Don't really remember my stat weights due to not being home atm, but can check when I get home.
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    For myself:
    Mastery - 25.70
    Haste - 20.65

    Which is what I'd expect with the 80% Mastery, 30% haste in my raiding gear. I have probably a little too much haste, so Mastery is worth more damage per point than any further amount of haste would be.

    Looking at your gear, I agree with the Sim in you probably have too little haste in comparison to your other stats. If you bumped that up, probably to 28%+ I'd bet you get radically different weights.

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    Legendaries could be it, moon dmg doesn't scale with mastery so it's not that strange that the weight goes down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiseKo View Post
    Im thinking that it might be terror from below and a sh*t legendary setup. but im no expert at breaking theese thing down.
    More than likely this is it. I'm trying to figure out how you have the gear you have and only have those legendaries. Did you just start playing again?

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    yeah, just got back to wow a few weeks ago.

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