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    [eu] - rogue lf late night raiding guild

    Hey everyone!

    I'm a long time rogue, looking for a new place to hang out.
    I'm former cutting edge raider, but for the last year I've been playing more casually due to IRL commitments.
    What I'm looking for atm is a guild that raids somewere between 21:00-22:00 until 00:00, 2-3 day per week. I look for a guild that is doing mythic raiding.

    I'm alliance right now but if the guild is right I'm willing to server transfer and faction change.


    For more info or a chat u can reach me at Ohba#2534
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    to be honest i kinda have the same problem and i was thinkin to create a guild

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    Yeah and it makes everything so hard..

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    Same problem,
    can't find any guilds that starts after 21H ; i got work & kid & social live that doesn't permit raiding before.

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    On the same condition as you guys

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