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    VDH and MW Monk LF Mythic guild.

    I am currently looking for a guild on Stormrage-US with a mistweaver monk friend. We are looking for a well established progression raiding guild that is capable of clearing a new heroic raid within the first week to begin mythic the as soon as possible, with the goal of clearing mythic before the following tier is released.

    We are looking for a guild that raids sometime between 6:30 PM and 1:00 AM CST, no more than 3 nights a week, with a non-toxic atmosphere.

    We are very unlikely to be interested in transferring off server, so any off server guild would have to be nearly perfect for us.

    Armory Links:

    If you are interested in us and feel you fit our needs, please contact me via battletag at diachroniko#1495
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    OP indicated they've found a guild, so going to close this for them.

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