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    Problem with MM spec

    Hey i have again a problem about my MM Hunter, so when i pop cd's on bosses at ToS NM/HC i go to like 1.56 mills, but after that i go to like 700-800k when cd's are on cooldown im using same rotation when i pop cd's etc.. I have 2x t20 set (head heroic and hands normal), also i use bad legendary as Belt with aimed shot stacks and wrist with 800% dmg on burst shot, my weapon is on 53 traits, i have the mastery trinket from ToS that gives agility (EoE), and the CoF HC fron Nighthold, on simbot im going like 947k dps i really dont know what i make up wrong with my hunter..

    Spec: MM
    Item level:918
    Realm: Stormclase EU
    Character name: Spitfirè

    Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...cale/spitfirè

    - - - Updated - - -

    Any would help me out in-game or here?
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    I can see one main issue. On Goroth you have the legendary belt and the crappy wrists.

    First one in AOE/Cleave and second one plain crap. If you do not have other legendaries it might explain your dps, especially without the boots. Boots are life for MM, man. Then ring/gloves maybe for ST.

    Careful with simcraft, it depends on how you sim yourself and type of fight.

    Then a few things:

    Lock and Load on a pure ST fight, no switch, is not as good as True Aim: Maiden and Goroth. Crows are also slightly better than Volley on those fights.

    For some reason I see some Multi Shots on Goroth. Never ever use it in ST, it is REALLY bad.

    Maybe it was an accident but your openener on Maiden is scary. You cast 2 arcane shot at pull, then True Shot and marked Shot. This is terrible. Without Bl it should be something like: prepot, Windburst, Crows-TrueShot-Aimed Shot x 2 or x 3 Then Market Shot, Arcane Shotx 2 then dump the rest of focus with Aimed Shot x 2 or x 3 depending on haste.

    You have to learn how to maximise opener and small burst window.

    With 2T20 you should try to cast Aimed Shot x 2 to get the 15% crit damage buff.

    Twise made a good video about the way to play hunter properly with 7.2.5, you should check that out, it is a good start. Just type twise 7.2.5 hunter on Youtube or Google.


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    Can you tell me the rotation without trueshot(waiting for it) ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EplixsTV View Post
    Can you tell me the rotation without trueshot(waiting for it) ?
    You can sim yourself, and it'll tell you the rotation! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by EplixsTV View Post
    Can you tell me the rotation without trueshot(waiting for it) ?
    for the most part its arcane to 75 (with marked proc) or like 90 (without)

    Then with proc aim aim arcane aim... Without just dump 2 aim and hope for proc before next... Or atleast thats how i was taught... i'm still working on mastering MM though.
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    Yeah i kinda got it, im gonna try it out on some raids.

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