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    Who's your favorite TV show character?

    Simple thread really - tell us your favorite TV show character and why, can be as obscure or minor a character as you like.

    For me it's DCI Gene Hunt from the BBC series' Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. Essentially he is an old fashioned, no nonsense DCI who is stuck in a supernatural world designed to keep deceased Police Officers in limbo who are unable to come to terms with their death. They are set in 1973 and 1981-3 respectively, definitely worth watching if you like detective shows.

    A close second is Frank Lundy from Dexter, I don't know why but every time he was on screen he has 100% of my focus, he was cool as hell. Finally my third pick is Chin Ho Kelly from the new Hawaii 5-0, while many people call that series cheesey, I always love his character plus Daniel Dae Kim is great in every role he plays.

    What about you guys

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    Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder(Justified). The modern day gunslinger with a dry wit vs what seems to be your typical "good ol' backwoods boy" bad guy until you find out how intelligent, well spoken, driven, and dangerous he really is.

    Al Swearengen(Deadwood):Ian McShane absolutely KILLED it in his role as the real like figure of Swearengen. He's ruthless, a pimp, a bully, a murderer, a thief, and blackmailer, and yet, you find it really hard to hate the guy, and by the end of the series, you find yourself SIDING with him. The writing of the role and the performance by McShane is phenomenal, it's intelligent, at times funny, at times dark, at times poignant and at times brutal, but always brilliant.

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    Doctor Who, of course.
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    Patrick .

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    John Locke -LOST
    Gregory House -House

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    Ron Swanson

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    Walter Bishop - Fringe
    Rodney McKay - Stargate Atlantis
    Londo Mollari - Babylon 5
    Tig - Sons of Anarchy
    Pennsatucky - Orange is the New Black
    Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones
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    Captain Jack Harkness

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    Captain Jack Harkness
    Sexy coat and all.

    Dr. Who
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    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    A bastion of righteousness in a darkened galaxy. Valiant defender of the weak. Courageous and unyielding in the face of adversity. A fountain of wisdom to the young, a father to his men.

    If there's any fictional character that inspired - no, impacted me the most, it was Patrick Stewart's portrayal of Jean Luc Picard.

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    House and Sandor Clegane (The Hound).

    Both are real cynics to their world but one is comedic while the other is filled with anger. They know how the world is and make no attempts to sugar-coat it, that's what I really love about them.
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    Rodney McKay (Stargate: Atlantis)
    Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)
    Hannibal Lector (Hannibal)

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    Fonzie (Happy Days)
    Del Boy (Only Fools and Horses)
    Frank Underwood (House of Cards)
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    Opie - Sons of Anarchy.
    Ronon Dex - Stargate Atlantis
    Vasilly Fet - The Strain
    Tommy Egan - Power
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    Red - Orange is the New Black
    Captain Janeway - Star Trek Voyager

    Coincidentally both played by Kate Mulgrew.

    I have a thing for strong women that aren't written as either weak or overly macho.
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    Best mobster ever.

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