Hello European PvP Friends,

I am Madnuzz, and I like having people to PvP with! I have seen a few tries at discord communities but have always thought "this can improve". Therefore me and my friends banded together and have build a Discord community over time, we already have over 100 active people!
We've had our first Discord RBG group up and running yesterday and maintained a 80% winrate, with over 1900 MMR Suggestions are always welcome!
Server features:
  • Horde/Alliance ranks and separate chats!
  • Online memberlist, sorted on rating!
  • Armory-confirmed rating ranks! Find people of your own level for arena/RBG
  • No more looking for people through forums/reddit!

You can find and join us here: http://www.discord.me/WoWPvP (backup link: https://discord.gg/TXDKau7 )
Screenshot of the server/ranking system:

Regards, Mad the mediocre mage/druid