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    [A] 905 Blood DK LF casual/alt raid

    I've got a regular raid on my main, but I enjoy tanking on my DK alt. My guild does not do a weekly alt run, so I've made do with LFR and PUGs. It's okay, but I would prefer a more consistent group.

    I've tanked through multiple expansions on my DK, including Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold in Legion.

    I think my ideal would be an alt run with another guild or perhaps a casual group of mains. This is just my alt, so I just want a simple run in Normal once a week. Maybe we try Heroic down the line when everyone is geared. But definitely nothing "progressive" or "hardcore" or "working towards Mythic" or "exceptional players only".

    I'm free most days except Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekdays I'm good always after 9 PM EST (6 PM PST). Weekends are flexible.

    I'd prefer a light schedule -- ideally a one night raid for 3-4 hours, but I could probably manage 2 days if the schedule is otherwise right.

    I'm not really interested in a "DPS with a tank gear" position. I prefer tank as my primary role. I have all three specs leveled and I can do a competent job as DPS; I just don't find it as much fun as tanking.

    I'm on Stormrage and I'm not interested in transferring. But I don't mind playing cross-server if you don't. (I can provide my own consumables and enchants.)

    I'm looking for a calm, laid-back group. If that means that everyone is quietly doing their job or if you are laughing the whole way through, fine by me. But if every wipe ends in a screaming match, then not my scene. "No drama, no drama, no drama" should be the mantra.

    An alt run would be fine by me. Or if you are casual group of mains with limited time, that's fine, too.

    That about covers it. Let me know if you know of a group who could use me or if you have questions.
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    Hi everyone<Boss Inc> is a Semi Hardcore guild that was formed by friends who have been raiding together for the last ten years! As time goes on things change and life happens. We still want to raid just not seven days a week lol. We formed this guild for just that reason fun in moderation.We use Discord for chat and R/C loot council for loot. Casuals welcome but gear and skill needs to be up to par for raiding.

    Raid Times
    Wens-Thurs 7-11pm server

    (All exceptional apps will be considered)
    dps in general
    shadow priest
    Ele Shaman

    Nothing specific feel free to apply

    Feel free to contact myself or another officer in game .

    Grampz Lead Recruitment officer

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    Hey there, if you re interested "awful" is currently looking for new members who are willing to do some progression on raiding nights which are Tues&Wed 8:30-11:30pm. Our servers are icecrown and Malygos. Our progression is currently 9/9N & 7/9H ToS. We would love for u to tank, and we are willing to help u gear up better if u need to. If u have any questions pls add me, Katta #11721

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    did you find a guild for your alt?

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