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    [H] Holy/Shadow Priest and Ret Paladin LF H and/or M Raiding Guild

    We're looking for a guild that raids in a fairly tight time frame. We want to raid 2-3 times per week, between 9:30pm-12:30am CST. The time frames are tight because we work different shifts and he can't be on before 9:30pm but I can't be on later than 12:30am, which makes it really tough to find a guild.

    I'm the Holy Priest (also would gladly play Shadow if needed) and he's the Ret Paladin. Most of my high end progression raiding experience was pre-WoD starting with BC, took a break for all of Cata, then raided at my highest level of progression during MoP. I came back at the very end of WoD and got some experience in M HFC. A career change at the beginning of legion hampered my ability to continue M progression raiding but now that everything has leveled out at work I'm interested in raiding again.

    The Ret Pally has only raided high end casually over the years. He's very competent and is far better than any casual raider that I've ever played with before.

    If you're interested in having us in your raid group then reply here with contact info, or you can just add me with bt: Kriix#1890

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    We wouldn't mind if he was late to our raids, but I'm gonna drop my copy paste here for you.

    <Monstrosity> is a Horde guild on Blackrock that raids Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-10pm PST

    We are looking for players that want to clear Heroic Tomb of Sargeras at an easy going rate while also having a good time doing it. We clear all of normal and the first 3H every week. We have no intentions of going into Mythic for awhile.

    If you are interested, we ask that you follow these simple rules:

    -Don't be an a-hole, d-bag, drama queen, or debbie downer.

    -We understand real life stuff happens. If you can't be there, it's ok. But when you are able to make it, we do expect you to be on time and ready to raid.

    Anyone interested can contact:

    FiL#1538 (BattleTag)

    FiL#5488 (Discord)

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    Hey Krixxy. My group <Carried> raids on Malganis, currently 8/9H Friday and Saturday 10pm-1am ET and Sunday 8pm-11pm ET.Shoot me a note if interested and we can see if our group might be a fit for you guys.

    Bnet XzistencE #1970

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    Hey Krixxy.

    I'm not sure if you're both still looking. We are looking for 2 more DPS to solidify our team for mythic. Our hours seems like they would be perfect for you both if you're open to going alliance. If you're still looking and are interested, I would love to set up a time to chat with you both.

    Karma-Dethecus is a long standing alliance semi-hardcore raiding guild on Shadowmoon Combined PVP server. (Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush, Lethon, and Shadowmoon) We are adult oriented and enjoy having fun, goofing off, and being completely inappropriate. However, we do know how to get serious when it's time to do so.

    We are 9/9 H TOS. We ended last tier at 4/10 Mythic. We also do guild runs of keystones and work on making sure everyone has a high keystone completed each week. We also help provide flasks, food, enchants, repairs, etc for our raid team.

    Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    Raid Times: 10 PM - 12:30 AM CT
    Loot system: EPGP
    VOIP: Discord (Mic preferred but not necessary)

    Contact me for more info:
    B.net: Katsumi#1241
    Discord: Katsumi#9395 (best way to get a hold of me)

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