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    Quote Originally Posted by Charge me Doctor View Post
    Yes, and he sucks against Lunara because of that. He has really low healthpool to compelsate for his trait
    He is bad against Lunara because he has no mobility while Lunara can kite him around.

    Against the 'speed' of Lunara damage, Garrosh has actually higher effective health pool than Arthas who has around 25% more baseline health.

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    He is the best tank for peeling Genji, Tracer or other bullshit off
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charge me Doctor View Post
    Genji moves in with his dash and gets out with jump, dash is easily telegraphed ability, i have no problems landing lunar strikes on Genji and i have to problem landing groundbreaker. The only way to not be able to pull this off is when you are out of position or don't know who Genji is going to target, but when you actually know what you are doing and see where Genji will want to be to attack your Morales - it's very easy to peel.
    Then you're playing shit Genjis, sorry. Against one who's even remotely competent, you'll never pull off a successful peel against them. Groundbreaker is more telegraphed than Dash, and if you hit a Genji with it who's not already CCed it's cause you're dealing with a first time Genji player who thinks Genji play is "stand still and shuriken".

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    Sorry for the bump, but is Garrosh worth the amount of gold that he is?
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    I've been having a great deal of fun with him. For me it's been worth it, but if you're unsure you might want to wait until his gold price drops to 10k next week.
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    I think he's a great secondary tank, you'll be giving your healer a punishing experience in solo tank setups against any burst setup.
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    His damage is low. He's squishy and he can be kited easily. However he is a lot of fun to play. Early game throwing an opponent over your gates to get killed by the towers never gets old. Certainly agree as a solo tank he isn't good but with another tank playing his utility works. It'll be interesting to see what changes Blizz makes to him over the coming weeks.

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    Seems Garrosh dominated this episode with epic and fail actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcshaggy View Post
    Sorry for the bump, but is Garrosh worth the amount of gold that he is?
    That's entirely a matter of personal preference. He is CAPABLE of making great plays(or terrible ones), but that doesn't mean you'll necessarily be able to do so(if you watch streamers, even very experienced and high ranked players can be seen inadvertently tossing minions instead of their opponent from time to time while fighting in lane). So if the possibility of causing a lot of disruptions and with the potential for making some truly fight winning plays is something that appeals to you, he might be worth it. If however, you like high damage heroes, want to be a solo frontline hero, or like having some kind of probably won't care for him.

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    After playing some games with him I think he needs:

    - More raw damage
    - short speed boost
    - A bit more health

    He is fun to play in the early game but gets boring really fast.

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