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    Cool Former Mythic Mage 916 LF Retirement Guild

    About Me:

    Gotten to the point in RL where this game needs to be recreation & not the main focus in life. Having a perfectionist personality, that's proven to be difficult for me to do at the mythic level in Legion. I have been highest-difficulty raiding in WoW for the better part of 10 years & retired after clearing M EN through M Guarm. I have just recently picked WoW up again to see how dialing it back & playing more casually goes. I am now sitting at 919 ilvl with decent legendaries & 2-set tier 20. I have cleared normal ToS & heroic up through Maiden, and I am just getting comfortable with all the fight mechanics & with playing Frost again.

    I have a family life & interests outside the game that need more time & attention than the "srs bsns" life allows right now. Not interested in spending all my spare time outside of raid desperately grinding AP, old raid & mythic+ gear/legendaries & chasing top parses in the semi-hardcore environment anymore. Also not interested in listening to officers or psuedo-officers losing their shit over occasional mistakes or acting like some minor game issue is the end of the world. Though I've been guilty of some of that myself in years past & been my own worst critic, adulting through actual problems in RL has given me more perspective on things worth getting super upset/concerned/serious about. Most of the time in WoW it's just not productive or worth it. I'm ready to have some fun killing bosses with chill people again, like I used to do in alt runs!

    Ideally, I'm searching for:

    1) An Alliance guild
    2) Made up of other friendly mythic retirees (hopefully around 30+ as well)
    3) 1-2 nights/week with the goal of clearing & farming heroic ToS for the fun of it together (maybe even clearing normal to start with)

    Armory link:


    I would like to know what my options are from here, so if "retirement" guilds like this exist, please post info below.
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    Hey dude, if you have no qualms about a Horde guild, it sounds like Unofficial of Thrall would be a great fit for you. We are a 2night/week raiding guild (Tues/Wed) that raid from 9PM - 12AM PST. If you are interested, add Kosmonaut#1850 on bnet. I hope to talk with you soon! Below is some of our guild info.

    All information below is also located at our guild website: sites.google.com/view/unofficial-guild/

    About Us

    Unofficial is a late night mythic progression raiding guild located on US-Thrall. The guild was formed about 4 months prior to the release of Tomb of Sargeras after the previous guild fell apart due to attendance issues. Some of the members having raided and played together since Vanilla/BC, with most of the members having raided together since late MoP/early WoD. The guild was created with one goal in mind: to be a competitive end-game content progression guild while also allowing members to pursue real life endeavors. We believe that in order to be a high level and successful raiding guild, members possess an innate competitiveness to push themselves to always be the best while also having the competitive maturity to receive feedback to improve their play. While we are generally laid back and are looking to have fun (it is a game after all), we do expect that raiders come prepared and ready to perform your role to the level expected of mythic raiders.

    We are open to trials from any player, regardless of competitive raiding background. We have some players where Legion is their first experience in WoW, while others who have played and raided since Vanilla. At the end of the day, if you can show a consistent ability to play your class at a high level it does not matter what experiences you may or may not have. In the same vein, it doesn’t matter if you are able to spend only 2 hours or 8 hours a day on WoW as long as you are able to perform during progression.


    7/7M Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge, Realm 34th)
    8/10M Nighthold
    9/9H Tomb of Sargeras


    Tuesday – 9:00PM - 12:00AM PST
    Wednesday – 9:00PM - 12:00AM PST
    Thursday – 9:00PM - 12:00AM PST (OPTIONAL)

    US-Thrall is an EST server however most of our players are located on the West Coast.

    Invites go out 10 minutes prior to raid start. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are strictly used for progression or important farm content while Thursday's are typically used for farm content or other objectives (achievements). Loot is handled through Loot Council.


    Paladin – Holy
    Warrior – Arms
    Death Knight – Closed
    Demon Hunter – Closed
    Shaman – Closed
    Hunter – Closed
    Druid – DPS (Boomkin preferred over feral)
    Monk – Closed
    Rogue – Open
    Priest – Discipline
    Mage – Open
    Warlock – Open

    Bold signifies high demand. We are always on the lookout for exceptional players, so please do not hesitate to apply if you do not meet the class needs outlined above.


    To talk to someone in game, please contact:
    Kosmonaut#1850 (In Game: Magilous)
    Dimnis#1528 (In Game: Dimnis)
    Epeonv1#1283 (In Game: Vúlcan Alt 163)
    Verdigris#1115 (In Game: Taoiseach)
    If you are a player with a strong ambition to push end-game content and competitive drive, then we would love to have you.

    Apply here (link will take you to a Google Form): goo.gl/forms/oA8LziQWYBqCu1Ox2

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    Hi everyone<Boss Inc> is a Semi Hardcore guild that was formed by friends who have been raiding together for the last ten years! As time goes on things change and life happens. We still want to raid just not seven days a week lol. We formed this guild for just that reason fun in moderation.We use Discord for chat and R/C loot council for loot. Casuals welcome but gear and skill needs to be up to par for raiding.

    Raid Times
    Wens-Thurs 7-11pm server

    (All exceptional apps will be considered)
    dps in general
    shadow priest
    Ele Shaman

    Nothing specific feel free to apply

    Feel free to contact myself or another officer in game .

    Grampz Lead Recruitment officer

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    Even though we're Horde, we have a lot of players who have families they need to take care of. If you want to join a guild where you won't get yelled at, then we would be the answer. While we don't have a ton of people, we do have enough to be able to do stuff. I'll drop my copy/paste below for you.

    <Monstrosity> is a Horde guild on Blackrock that raids Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-10pm PST

    We are looking for players that want to clear Heroic Tomb of Sargeras at an easy going rate while also having a good time doing it. We clear all of normal and the first 3H every week. We have no intentions of going into Mythic for awhile.

    If you are interested, we ask that you follow these simple rules:

    -Don't be an a-hole, d-bag, drama queen, or debbie downer.

    -We understand real life stuff happens. If you can't be there, it's ok. But when you are able to make it, we do expect you to be on time and ready to raid.

    If you're interested you can contact:

    FiL#1538 (BattleTag)

    FiL#5488 (Discord)

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    I appreciate all the guild info; thank you for the posts & PMs. Still sorting through my choices at this point!

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    Perfect Spot

    Hey Jess,

    I have a similar history, did a lot of top 100 world raiding and WoW was life for a bit. Now I run a semi-HC group that clears heroic and dabbles in M usually only get 5/9+M on our casual 2 day schedule. We have a few really HC people that still play a lot and others who are just on for raid nights+the few necessities to keep character current. Would love to talk more add Pardeux#1196.

    More Info: us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749215002

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    Hey there Jessminda! I am one of the officers/raid leaders for <Legion of Mad Fellows>, an Alliance guild on Proudmoore. Back in the beginning of WoD I personally gave my last throw at the game as a mythic raider, including running a guild that to conduct the grind for that. I realized after the first raid tier then that where I am in RL can no longer support the passion I love of pushing the hardest raid content in the game. I give Blizzard a lot of credit for really making the Mythic fights a true challenge around the 50% in mark of the raids now but the time required is something I can no longer do.

    I was in your spot back in WoD when I came to this conclusion and honestly found nothing so I sort of went into hiatus and then super casually played at the end of WoD. Ran some heroic pugs in HFC but that was all. When Mythic + was announced, I honestly thought to myself, "yes something that can get my raid fix and support my time". Even though Mythic + at higher keys gives me that "pushing hard" feel it still lacked that of raiding. Due to this, I started looking for a guild or raiders with a "retirement" like mentality to create a Heroic only guild and maybe have players that are new to the game. During this time, <Legion of Mad Fellows> actually approached me about potentially taking the 6 players I had. <Legion of Mad Fellows> told me then that they were a Heroic only guild, that would start raid tiers doing Normal and hopefully having a group of folks that would do an off night of Mythic +. They also raided only 2 nights which in all honesty is all I could handle. Due to this, my group and I made the decision to join them.

    I can tell you personally that "retirement" from Mythic raiding has been successful for me as long as you can find what you are looking for and you can set the correct expectations. I guess to get to my guilds sales pitch:

    <Legion of Mad Fellows> is not a 30+ raiding roster guild. I know this is one of your requests but I spend a few hours a week trying to find like mind players that fit our needs and it is tough. A lot of raiders wish to do Mythics. We currently raid at or around 15 in the raid. Perfect world we can eventually get to that 30+ goal which is one we do have. If you search around for <LoMF> recruitment posts, you'll see at the moment I am looking for healers/hunters but thats only due to a targeting/marketing deploy to gain some #s as listing all the class needs has not worked. The goal though for each raid tier is simple, clear Heroic and eventually farm it down to 1 night and run the second night as an alt Normal night which one is not required to attend. The first few weeks of a raid release goal is normal clear. The current raid tier, we cleared Normal ToS in one week and have since been grinding our way through Heroic ToS.

    <LoMF> is currently 7/9 H ToS with Avatar down to <40% with only 4 pulls made. Sunday night is looking to be our first night to get to put some real time on him. We cleared up to him last night. If all goes well we will end up at 8/9 H ToS and end up with some pulls on KJ. Last Sunday we did a full normal clear and I recorded the whole raid with voice comms on during the encounters. youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeL1PnJDelfpgXrB68G981Y7C-W5Sgp93 The youtube playlist you see there is our fights. Sorry I can't link the full url since I am not up to 10 posts yet.

    If you are interested in the guild, feel free to message me on Bnet: Screwzluse#1592

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    Hey Jess,

    I've been searching for this exact thing, a "retirement guild" since first tier of WoD. In WoD I gave it my last shot to do Mythic raiding. I come a raid back ground of doing the hardest content since Vanilla but RL obligations and just life in general has made it where I really do not have the time required to dedicate to that raid style anymore so my goal was to find a Heroic Full Clear, fun minded guild. I honestly could not find one during WoD so I personally just did the PuG thing. When Mythic + was announced for Legion, I got a group of friends together and created a guild to only focus on that. Before Trial of Valor came out, we realized we were missing that raid feeling so we went out trying to find people that had the same mindset. Eventually the guild <Legion of Mad Fellows> on US Proudmoore, Alliance Faction, found me and convinced my group and I to join them. Their goal/mission was simple and exactly what I was looking for. Heroic full clear to be completed before "the next raid tier" and to conduct it in one night so an alt night of fun could happen. That was successful during Nighthold release and we are hoping for the same thing this raid tier.

    Currently <LoMF> is 7/9 H ToS with Normal on Clear. I have videos of my guilds normal clear from last sunday on my youtube channel but since I have not meant the 10 post requirement in order to provide url links, I can't have it in this post however I could send you them through bnet or discord or you can simple look up Screwz Gaming channel on youtube. I kept voice comms on for the video so people could get a feel for how our raid operates. <LoMF> raids Wed/Sun 8:30 PM - 11 PM EST and their is some organized Mythic + on off nights which is conducted by one of the officers. Currently we are not at the raid roster you wish as finding "retirement" individuals has been a task but we currently sit around 15 a raid night. I am trying my hardest to get our roster over 20 and eventually 30+ for raids in the future.

    If interested or want to know more, please add me on Bnet at Screwzluse#1592 or Discord - Screwzluse#1708

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    Hey, if you're looking for a home, we've got a great group on Stormrage that I think you'll fit right in with. Our raid times are Tu/Th 10p-12a EST (7p-9p PST). We have a progression raid team working on Heroic right now and we run a normal ToS on the weekend. We're laid back yet like like to try and perform at a high level. We're no where near hardcore like a mythic guild but many of us study logs, mechanics, and our class to perform well during raids. Most of us are 30+ with outside lives and families. Guild spam below. If you're interested, PM me on Discord at Ajaw#2016 or add me on Bnet at Ajaw#1403.

    Guild Spam:

    <I Paid for This> is a tight-knit group of friends that have raided together since Vanilla. We are a semi-casual raiding guild with a family oriented environment. We raid two nights a week and do keystone mythics on the off-nights. We take our raid nights seriously (2 nights a week, 4 hours total) and expect players to be ready to raid (food/flasks, properly enchanted/gemmed gear, know their class). We have AOTC for all Legion content through NH and are currently 9/9N, 3/9H. Mythic raiding is a possibility in the future for ToS.

    We are looking for people to help round out our core raiding group. Discord and DBM are required. Racism, homophobia, and misogyny are not tolerated.

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    Hi Jessminda83,

    After reading your post, I think that Free Reign (A)- Tanaris would be a good fit for you. We are a friendly, semi-hardcore raiding guild. 4 hours of weekly raiding lead to focused, motivated runs while still allowing time for RL, or other in-game content. Two raid groups allow members to play at their own level, while running their alts on the off days.

    Raids: 8/9 H ToS, 4/10M NH
    Th/M: 7pm - 9pm CST (2 raid groups)
    W/Sat: 7pm – 9pm CST Casual/Alt (Casual/Alt)

    All are welcome to join the guild on a trial basis, but for placement on our raid teams please contact Drathen#1342 or Justintuck#1424 in game to set up a trial raid. I hope to hear from you soon.


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    Copacetic on Uldum is an alliance guild that raids sat 9est-1am est and sun 9pm-12 est and are looking for ranged dps. We are 8/9 H atm. Most of the guild is 30+ some used to be high end raiders.

    Ulm#1324 or Zow#1652

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    <Efficient> on Stormrage

    Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday, 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM (EST)
    Optional Sunday

    Faction: Alliance

    Currently looking for skilled players of all roles!

    High Need for :


    Groups of players welcome!

    Currently recruiting for ToS Heroic pushing into Mythic. 4/9H so far. We require 910+ item level as well as 52 traits in your main spec. Offspecs are encouraged. We will be doing Heroic with our end goal being Mythic as well as farming Mythic +. 9/9H Leadership

    Karma#12379 (Kàrmâ, GM)
    Miny#11513 (Tehexdlaymow, Co-GM)
    BlackLotus#1646 (Blacklótùs, Raid Leader)
    Exemplar#1443 (Exemplarr, Officer)

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    Found a home; thanks for all the info & choices offered!

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