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    Demonic Circle & Weak Auras (range)?

    I'm trying to get a weakaura up that shows both when Demonic Circle aura is up and spell is on/off CD, but ALSO can show if I'm in range, even when it's on CD. This is where I'm struggling.

    To show if the spell is in range when it's not on CD it's just a matter of using the action usable trigger. But for when it's on CD my normal spell range check custom trigger won't work since it's not range from player to a target I'm checking. And using both action usable and skill on CD as triggers won't work since it's not flagged as usable when it's on CD.

    Anyone know a custom trigger to show when the Demonic Circle teleport is in range regardless of CD? Tried changing some stuff around in the code of my target range check, but couldn't get it to work. I've just gotten that one from the web and don't know LUA coding at all =/

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    Sry for late reply, but thanks for the auras!

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