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    Angry enha spec is so boring!

    hello fellow shamans!

    recently i had invested a lot of time gearing my alts orc enha to a decent lvl because i visually like how the spec works (you know all the lightning bzzz buzz effects) and mainly because the shammy challenge set on the orc is amazing!!

    anyway my only doubts concerns the rotation and how the spec works..i won't to appear like a salty man but there is pratically no decision-making, all the damage come from one source of damage and all the talents are passive or like-that...the aoe sucks a lot too and generally it feels like a vanilla-spec with no skill involved...my main is an UH dk and i know there are easier specs in the game like fury or havoc but...

    do you enkoy your play style as enha?

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    The current design of enhancement focuses on keeping all your damage buffs up on yourself, basically enhancing your weapons - which is the ramp up bit of your rotation - and then squeezing out some stormstrikes - using lavalash as filler and sometimes big hitter if using a certain legendary.

    Legendaries augment and define talent choices and rotation soooo much also opens a few build possibilities. So as an alt or early gearing might make the spell look or feel weak. But as a properly played main it is a very very strong ST damage dealer in raids. Not so much survivability in general, also not so great in PVP maybe but current t20 4 set bonus seems to address the aoe issue more.

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    I like it more than other melee specs. For as frustrating as SS procs can be, they do keep the rotation from being mechanical (i.e. 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3) like Fury or Assassin are.

    Its not hard, no. Personally the whole 'skill' argument always irks me. You're playing a video game; something that is modified to be easy for the masses to play and something 70% of the player base put no effort into actually being good at.

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