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    How to get started towards 2000+?

    I'm sure many people can relate to my story. I've played a lot of battlegrounds and arena skirmishes over the years, but never really got into rated games because I never had other people to play with who really that interested. But the warrior Season 3/4 elite set looks friggin' awesome, so I'd like to get it.

    How does somebody even get started towards that goal? Is it possible to find PUG Rated BG groups without already having a high rating? Where would somebody Arena partners willing to play with somebody who isn't particularly experienced? If it comes down to it, is it realistic to try to find somebody to carry you to that kind of level? Are there Discords for this kind of thing?

    In general I've been pretty successful in the arenas and limited RBG's that I've done, so I'm fairly confident that I can play at a reasonably high level with some practice, but I don't know how to pursue it beyond that!

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    RBGs asides, generally, the more games you play the better. As not only can it take many games to climb the ladder, but also the more games played the better you become and the better your teamwork with your partners becomes.

    A common pitfall is to let emotions interfere with your play if you run into a string of losses. Strings of losses, for example queueing into the same team, or against the same counter comp over and over can happen. What is more important is your overall win rate being 50% or better on the long term trend.

    If you put in the time and have a consistent team you should easily be able to reach your goals. Having said that, finding consistent team mates and putting the time in each week to play 50+ arena matches per week can be difficult depending on what else you have to juggle in your real life.

    Also, it helps to watch pvp streamers of your class and see what they do. Particularly streamers that do this for a living. You can often get a lot of great information just watching them play.

    A problem I've had in the past is the personality of the people you play with can be difficult if they become stubborn or are quick to blame everyone else but themselves. Refusing to try out different play styles or talents to help counter certain things, etc. So it's best if you have open minded and flexible players with you.

    Some other useful tips include playing all the other classes, even if you don't do anything end game with the class, or just check the class out on the PTR, knowing other classes inside and out is very helpful as you know which CDs to look for, and their abilities, etc. and how to counter them better.
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    Cool, thank you for the perspective!

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    consistency and a OP comp tbh.. its more working our synergy and understanding of the comp you play

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