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    Alliance 918 Resto Druid LF guild on Proudmoore (Alliance)

    I just recently faction changed and server transfered and am looking for a guild to raid with! So far this expansion i've cleared all raids on normal/heroic and am currently 4/9 heroic in ToS. I have pretty open availability. I'm on EST keep in mind. I prefer guilds that have fun while progressing, I'm not elitist by any means (obviously, I havent done any mythic! haha) just want a home where I have good chemistry with the group and vice versa, while having fun and getting shit done!! I dont really PVP in WoW although I do play Overwatch daily. Again I am on the Proudmoore server, please get back to me if you think I may be a good fit for your guild. My name in game is Kalistâ (alt 0226 for the a) and NO it's not a reference to an LoL champion but man do I get that a lot! Haha! I just thought it was a pretty name! Thanks again <3

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    Hi there! I was going to add you in game however player not found kept coming up. I found a character with your name on Zul'jin. Did you already find a guild? My guild is in need of a third core healer and would love a resto druid. I'll PM you also.

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    I can't PM you due to MMO-C policy. Apparently you have to have 10 posts in order to not only do links but also PMs. Feel free to add me on Bnet: Screwzluse#1592

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    Hey if you are still looking for a guild, "awful" is a fun progression raiding guild currently 9/9 N TOS & 7/9 H. Our servers are icecrown & malygos, and we run every tuesdays & wednesdays from 8:30-11:30 central. if u have any questions pls feel free to add me kata #11721

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