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    Expected moderator response time?

    Is it possible for you to give one? I see posts that are blatantly breaking rules, some times severely, taking days to get infracted. In a few cases, never getting infracted at all. I'm starting to feel like reporting posts is meaningless because it doesn't seem to equals actual punishment.

    I have one particular post that I've now decided to follow in order to see how long it takes before it gets infracted, if at all. I think it's some 30 hours or so since it was posted and since I reported it without any action taken. So will someone that's breaking the rules go under the radar unless they're going on a spree?

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    Near instant in an active thread in the OT/Politics section if you were a right winger daring to have the opposite view of the PC/SJW mods, swiftly followed by an infraction.

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    Depend o n your ideology. Mines not too bad so I can squeak by, sometimes.

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    Depends on who the poster is. If it's me? 30-60 seconds. Quite a few other people break the rules with abandon and we'll see another ice age before anything's done about it.

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    ...Did you change your username?

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    It depends on a variety of factors including how many moderators in the specific forum where the offending post is are currently online and active. Also we don't have nearly enough coverage to ensure every single post is read by a mod, which is one reason the report function exists. Reports also depend on mod coverage and they don't get seen immediately. If something has been up for awhile and you've reported it and it still hasn't been infracted (and you are pretty sure it is breaking the rules) you can also PM mods in the forum with a link to the post in question to help bring it to their attention faster. Of course, don't abuse this either. Spamming mods with PMs about posts you think are bad isn't ok either. Also keep in mind very few infractions are of the sort that they absolutely need to be handled asap and the ones which are also the sort which we would delete and not leave up.

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